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1st Test Experience - Durban

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Durban Experience: February 27 - March 6 (7 nights)

Test Match Dates: March 1 - 5

Hotel: Hilton Kingsmead

Per Person: Twin £800 (A$1350) / Single £1200 (A$2000)

Extra Nights: Twin £80 (A$135) / Single £120 (A$200) 

Visit: Durban Tourism

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Durban is well known for three things. The ‘Golden Mile’ beachfront, Butcher Boys, and Kingsmead. There are plenty of other things Durban is known for but we’ll spend most of our time at these three enjoying sundowners, steaks, and seamers. The latter whilst gazing from the grassy embankment to our Hotel overlooking Kingsmead and just a few blocks from the rolling Indian Ocean surf.

Get yourself from King Shaka International Airport, and we will see you this awesome hotel complete with beautiful outdoor pool, gym, roof top terrace, and even a putting green for you keen golfers though Royal Durban Golf Club is just 2km from the hotel for something a little less challenging. A little further away if you are keen to taste the Zulu culture and history then stroll the Valley Of 1000 Hills. Thankfully there's not even one hill when walking to the cricket.

From the hotel it’s a short walk to Kingsmead where five days on the embankment will make you wish Australia embraced their cricket ground embankments as equally (Adelaide excused!) as South Africa. If you think sitting on the embankment means grass staining your butt you are wrong. Folding chairs are allowed here and you will receive one with your match ticket; with a cup holder too!

We prefer to lounge on the embankment as it allows us to ‘spread out’. You are not stuck in a tight row of seats and can freely move about when you like (between overs of course) without disturbing others. Kick your shoes off, kick back, relax, and enjoy the game.

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