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South Africa 2018

If You Missed Our Awesome 2018 Experience, Join Us In 2021!!"

Welcome to sensational South Africa, a trip that will never come around too often. Cricket, beaches, lions, BBQ's, parties, elephants, golf, grape, fantastic sights, and extreme affordability of living makes South Africa an amazing place, best enjoyed with exceptional people.

We have enjoyed every ‘Australian Cricket Tour’ to the Dark Continent since 1997, spending much time in every city we are visiting. Our relaxed approach and knowledge of South Africa, and those you share your time with, is sure to make your time with us even more memorable.

Included in your Australia in South Africa Cricket Experience:

  • 7-nights Hotel accommodation per test match
  • Extra nights available as required
  • Full breakfast daily
  • Dinner including drinks on the evening before each test match
  • Match tickets to all 5-days of each test match
  • One embankment chair (except Johannesburg)* to keep
  • Two Australia in South Africa 2018 branded shirts, crafted by Bent Banani*
  • Dinner including drinks on the evening of Day 5 of each test match
  • Service of our 23 years cricket travelling experience

*If you do more than one test you will receive only one chair and only two shirts

South Africa is a traveller’s delight, so well geared to visitors you’d be excused for thinking they created ‘tourism’. Whether on organised tours or travelling independently, South Africans know what they’re doing and never shy from helping you get to where you want to go, and introducing you to places you never knew existed. 

When asked what is the cheapest place to tour many expect it to be India, Bangladesh, or the like and though dollar for dollar the sub-continent is cheaper, consuming the finest foods and beverages in some of the finest restaurants and bars elevates South Africa to the top for just a few dollars more. If you budget correctly, you can save money travelling to South Africa.

I cannot talk South Africa up enough. It is awesome! The beaches and the mountains. The shark-diving and the hiking. The surfing and the safaris. The golf and the grapes. Add cricket into the mix, at venues that allow you on the field at the lunch break, and you must go far to find a better destination and why we leave you to decide where and when you want to go before or after each Test.

We’re here to bring you together at the great game and until well after play, on a match-by-match basis. Choose one test, or two, three or four, your tour cost is the simple calculation, plus any extra nights you need before or after the test.

If travelling alone and you book ‘twin share’, you will be partnered to share a room with another lone cricket aficionado, there is no need to ask. If you prefer more privacy, book ‘single’ and you will have your own room. If you are travelling as a 'couple' just book 'twin share' and we will allocate you a 'double room'.

If you have booked your own hotel, please enjoy our Match Ticket & Dinner Experience. Join us for dinner the night before the test and on the night of Day 5 for two all-inclusive soirees, and we’ll get your match tickets and embankment chair, except Jo'burg where we have reserved seats.

We want to have a wonderful time in a great country, watching awesome cricket with you so please consider our Australia in South Africa Cricket Experience. If you have any questions before booking, please ask.

Thank you!!


1st Test Experience - Durban. Feb 27 - March 6 (7 nights)

The Golden Mile, Durban. Enjoy This During Our 1st Test Experience.

 2nd Test Experience - Port Elizabeth. March 7 - 14 (7 nights)

Algoa Bay, Port Elizabeth. Enjoy This During Our 2nd Test Experience.

 3rd Test Experience - Cape Town. March 20 - 27 (7 nights)

Hout Bay, Cape Town. Enjoy This During Our 3rd Test Experience.

 4th Test Experience - Johannesburg. March 28 - April 4 (7 nights)

Nelson Mandela Monument, Pretoria. Enjoy This During Our 4th Test Experience.

  Match Ticket & Dinner Experiences

Yawning Lion. Enjoy This During Our Test Match Ticket & Dinner Experience


No Cricket Experiences Yet Available