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Australian Cricket Experiences

‘Australian Cricket Experiences’, has evolved from my ‘Waving The Flag’ (a.k.a. The Flag) since 1995. I am proudly the only Australian spectator to have seen Australia play in all Test nations (plus the U.A.E.) until Afghanistan and Ireland were granted Test status last July! I've seen Australia play 1st Class Cricket in Ireland so look forward to Australia's inaugural tour to Kabul to tick the box on that country!

After my first cricket tour to the West Indies in 1995 I have since lived in London (still on my Australian passport!) and why our 'Cricket Experiences' are quoted in Pound Sterling (GBP£).

From originally offering rudimentary tours of match tickets, a bed, and yellow shirt, The Flag matured to fully escorted tours including choice of quality hotels or apartments, airport transfers, domestic travel, day trips, nightly entertainment, and so much more.

Amid these extra-curricular inclusions and additions, The Flag remained focussed on getting you to enjoy cricket across the world with an excellent group in a fun, welcoming, and importantly safe environment, understanding the game visits places far less comforting that your living room.

Travel habits have changed markedly since my first tour when one had to visit Australian Embassies to read future tour squad selections in Australian newspapers. Now with everything at your fingertips, you can research and book your cricket travel online from the comfort of your living room but ultimately may still wonder ‘what happens when I get there?’ What I came to appreciate is that the game is far more enjoyable with others.

The affections of The Flag within ourselves was infectious and bound everyone with such enthusiasm that more and more ‘Flaggers’ travelled together year after year. Not only to stay safe in numbers but knowing life at the game together made a far more memorable trip.

Many Flaggers have travelled the world independently, driving, hiking, biking, walking, cruising, or flying across 7 continents. They, along with many, know how to travel and do not need their hands held on a ‘cricket tour’ but nonetheless always want to join us and why we are 'Cricket Experiences' rather than a cricket tour.

As such we have evolved to bring people together at the game and little else. For each Test we create 7 or 8-night Experiences including the 2 nights before, 5 nights of, and 1 night after each Test in 3, 4, and/or 5-star hotels (depending the city), 2 dinner parties, 2-3 shirts, and your all-important match tickets. That is all.

We leave you to get to/from the airport using pre-paid taxis or public transport, if your transfer is not included by the hotel. We leave you to do your preferred sight-seeing, though we will suggest group day trips should the Test end early. When we distribute match tickets at our dinner, we will detail how to get to and from each venue, if these are not included as detailed.

As simple as our Experiences are we are still there to assist as required just as we would with a ‘fully inclusive tour’, we just leave you the freedom to do what you want before or after each match, when you want, however you want… without the need to pay for inclusions you just don’t need or want.

Importantly for you, my living in the UK doesn't change my passion towards Australia. Not long ago a couple chose not to 'Flag' because they thought it best not to go with a U.K. company so as to keep their money in Australia. They subsequently flew an Asian airline to stay in foreign owned hotels, take day trips hosted by local tour operators, and spend hundreds if not thousands of Australian dollars in local currency. You are going to watch cricket on foreign shores so your money will leave Australia one way or the other so please consider the experience, knowledge, simplicity and value we bring to your cricket travel, rather than where we are based.

I look forward to your joining us at Australia's next overseas^ Test Match*.


Photo: Absorbing the passion of the India Pakistan border closing ceremony!

^We will not offer any Cricket Experiences in Australia. We are strictly 'overseas'.

*We will offer One Day International and T20 Experiences only if scheduled as part of a test series.

Our Australian Cricket Touring History:

1995 - Australia in West Indies
1996 - World Cup in India and Pakistan
1997 - Australia in South Africa and England
1998 - Australia in Pakistan
1999 - World Cup (England), Australia in West Indies, Sri Lanka, and Zimbabwe, South Africa in Zimbabwe, England in South Africa
2000 - Australia in New Zealand
2001 - Australia in India and England
2002 - Australia in South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Sharjah, India in West Indies
2003 - World Cup (South Africa and Zimbabwe), Australia in West Indies
2004 - Australia in Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, and India, Sri Lanka in Zimbabwe
2005 - Australia in New Zealand and England, Sri Lanka in New Zealand, South Africa in West Indies
2006 - Australia in South Africa, and Bangladesh
2007 - ON HOLIDAY, with 25 months between Australian overseas Test Matches
2008 - Australia in Pakistan (cancelled - still went though!), West Indies, and India
2009 - Australia in South Africa, and England
2010 - Australia in New Zealand
2011 - World Cup (Sri Lanka), Australia in Sri Lanka, and South Africa
2012 - Australia in the West Indies
2013 - Australia in India, and England
2014 - Australia in South Africa, and UAE
2015 - Australia in the West Indies, England, and Bangladesh (cancelled)
2016 - Australia in New Zealand, and Sri Lanka
2017 - Australia in India, and Bangladesh
2018 - Australia in South Africa, and UAE
2019 - Australia in England


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