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Beer For More Cheer

Beer For More Cheer

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Having left Australia on March 16, 1995 to see Australia play test cricket in the Caribbean, as the only Australian spectator to have seen Australia play test cricket in all test nations, before Ireland & Afghanistan changed that in 2018, my 200th Australian Test Match will be played at Lord's this August 14-18.

During the last two years many have expressed wont to share this milestone with me but understandably can't; not even I knew when my 200th would be until July 25. Instead, if you want to buy me a beer or two or more to contribute to a grand week of unique celebration with awesome people, please do!

With gracious thanks,

Lukey Sparrow

PS: Some of the back information and confirmation detail you receive may refer to 'Cricket Tours' or deposit payments. Please ignore this. Your payment of £5 per beer will be received by credit card with many thanks!

PPS: Income Tax Is Paid On Your Generosity