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Nepotists CC v Kew CC

Sunday May 20, 2018: 1.30pm. 40 Overs
Toss: Nepotists, Bat
Nepotists: 6-312, 40 Overs (Hoar 104, Styles 50, Price 29)
Kew: 3-287, 40 Overs (McLoghlin 2-54, Styles 1-60)
Result: Win
Scorecard: Here

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For a time, it was shades of Chingford 2017 when we only claimed one wicket as Kew’s 2 & 4 put on 209 for the 3rd wicket. Going at 9 per over chasing 313 to win, ill-defence of our biggest score for the season was looking ominous.

For a time, it was shades of Chingford 2017 with a minor batting collapse when Kew lost two wickets in two balls (compared with Chingford’s one wicket from one ball). The thoughts of running through the rest of the line up and claiming a quick victory was short-lived on both occasions but let me focus on the most recent.

It was beautiful day. The best of the season. Made more beautiful by our first win in 2018 after winning the toss. We’ll bat. No hesitation as there was Nick Grieve (NZ), Myself, and Kahuna to field.

With rail lines shut for planned engineering works to improve customer service and safety, first publicised in 1895 and likely to continue until well after I am toes up, meant the roads were gridlocked. More buses. More cars. More delays. The late arrival of Nepo’s struggling through the traffic will not be in vain knowing our grandchildren’s grandchildren may have a safer and more comfortable journey to Kew Bridge in the Nepo’s centenary year, at the earliest.

This meant Nick opened with Carl Hoar (ENG), when he finally arrived. Looking to follow on from his impressive show, the video on our Instagram and Facebook pages of Nick at Lord’s shows better than his form at Kew when he was caught for 15 of 22. This brought a rapid return to the crease of the Nepo at Kew World-Record holder Damian Tambling (ZIM) for the first time in one year. Three balls later Damo didn’t rush back to the shed for zero to finish getting ready to bat and pack the kit. After running to the ground at 1.45pm, perhaps Damo should have let Ryan Styles (AUS) come in one early to have a breather. Perhaps should have let himself go in one earlier?? 

Hindsight is great as I am sure Ryan would attest with the shot he played to get out on the first ball after drinks. It was yet another superb 50 (off 47) by Ryan whom with Carl added 89 for the 3rd wicket. At 2-112 at drinks, we looked good for 250, but thanks to Rich Price (NZ) 29 off 16, Jim Mason (AUS) 14 off 17, and Mick McLoghlin (AUS) a cracking 48 off 24, we reached much higher.

All of these quick-fire innings were partnered with Carl who found true form belting 104 off 108, a whopping six into the church to bring up his hundred. Brilliant. With red-ink to his name, Carl walked off with the Nepo’s an extremely competitive 312. A score not reached if not for Time Hardy (ENG) a nudging and ‘shouting better than he hears’ 7. As it was 305 was enough to win it, but you would not hand back 7 runs for the hell of it.

Tea managed 7.6 on the RichTea Scale for some reasons I can’t detail but I was surprised it achieved more than 5. Nonetheless, filled with sustenance and desire, Mick came on from the pub and was carted. Damian opened with the breath of God behind him and was carted. In the 5th Mick took two in two with 50 on the board. The hattrick was nearly a catch, but nearly doesn’t count and nearly out went on to 110 (unconfirmed) with Mr Sherlock smacking 124 in their 209-run partnership.

Our bowlers, though ineffective, were better than our fielders with the wig bandied about more often than the address of a strip-club in Karachi. We dropped catches but fielded sharply stopping boundaries, preventing 2nd and 3rd runs and ultimately restricting Kew to 3-287. Damo’s return with the ball, his 6th yielding just 2, was what dragged the game out of Kew’s reach and put victory in ours. This along with Rich’s tight 8-0-37-0 helped keep Kew out of the game.

Bleeding 287 comes at a cost. In fact, 312 bleeds more as Carl knows when he took out the front teeth of Kew’s import from Sri Lanka. To rub salt into his wounds, the ball ricocheted off the canines for 6 as two ambulances were called; one for KP, the other left looking for the 4 lost teeth at deep mid-wicket. If there was a score to level, Jim was under Kew’s 4th wicket but decided not to break a nail instead tried catching the ball in his right eye socket, resulting in he too walking off for surgery, leaving us with 10 men.

When the final ball was delivered after a smooth 8-over spell from Ryan, relief and exuberance washed over. It was not our easiest win, attested by, along with Rich, Mick’s spell of 8-0-54-2, Damian’s 7-0-55-0, Nick’s 6-0-40-0, Jim’s 3-0-33-0, and Ryan’s 8-0-60-1 but we came on the right side of the scorecard for the first time this season.

Pleasingly, Nepo’s remain top of the table, with mouthguards, helmets, and bigger wicket-keeping gloves (Steve grassed two!) mandatory for all fielders with Barnes & Chingford on the horizon.

Well Played Everyone,

Yours in unrequired (along with Kahuna) Nepotism,

Captain Sparrow

SCHWIM MOMENT: Carl Hoar for a whopping 6 straight down the ground to bring up his 100!

NACA: 'Time' Hardy for 'telling a 12 year old boy to rub it'. For clarity, Kahuna was crippled by a cracking on-drive that rebounded off his knee-cap. With tears welling the young ones called out 'don't rub it' whilst Time offered his matured advice!

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