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Cancelling Your Experience

Australian Cricket Tours - Sign That Says 'Washout' On Cancellation Policy Page

When You Book Any Experience, You Will Receive Acknowledgement Of Your Booking Along With A Payment Receipt For The Deposit Payment Or Full Payment You Will Be Asked For At The Time Of Booking.

Depending On The 'Official Match Dates' For Each Tour, We Presume The Tour Will Commence On The 1st Of The That Month And Our Cancellation Dates Are Referred From 1st Of That Month, Even If The Start Date Is Later.

Each Experience Will Have It's Own Cancellation Policy Based On This 'General Policy', Which Is Presented With 'Example Dates' To Help You Know What To Expect.

If You Book Before The 'Official Match Dates' Have Been Released, We Will Contact You Once These Dates Are Confirmed To Green Light Our Specific Cancellation Policy.

This Is An Example Policy Only:

If The 'Official Tour' Is Scheduled To Commence At Any Time In September, Our Policy Will Be Based On The Tour Starting September 1, Even If The Official Start Date Is Later:

  • For All Bookings Made Prior To The Official Tour Dates Release, You Have Up To 14 Days* After Release To Cancel Any Or All Experience To Receive A Deposit Or Full Payment Refund, Whichever You Have Paid

    *If There Is Less Than 3 Months Before The 1st Ball After The Tour Dates Are Released, You Will Only Have 7-Days To Cancel

  • For All Bookings Made After The Tour Date Release, Full Payment May Be Required At The Time Of Booking And You Have 7 Days To Cancel Any Or All Experiences To Receive A Full Refund if Paid In Full Or A Deposit Refund

  • Should You Cancel Any Or All Experiences After The Above Cooling Off Periods But Before July 31, The Stated Deposit Value Will Be Forfeited Per Person For Each Experience You Are Cancelling. Exact Deposit Values Will Be Stated Within Each Tour Cancellation Policy

  • Should You Cancel Any Or All Experiences On Or After August 1There Will Be No Refund Whatsoever.
  • For All Bookings Made On Or After August 1, Full Payment Will Be Received And No Refund Will Be Payable If You Cancel Thereafter

  • Names Are Transferable Until July 31. From August 1, Any Name Change Will Be Considered A Cancellation. No Refund Will Be Payable And A New Booking Will Be Required

  • If The Tour Is Officially Cancelled Or Postponed By Cricket Australia Before August 1, You Will Lose The Deposit Value Only.

  • If The Tour Is Officially Cancelled Or Postponed By Cricket Australia On Or After August 1, Any Refund Will Be Limited By The Amount Of Refund We Receive From Our Suppliers, Which May Not Be Any. Please Ensure Your Travel Insurance Covers Sports Or Special Event Cancellation

If You Have Any Queries Relating To This Policy Please Contact Us.

Thank You.