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Australian Cricket Tours - Postcards

Australian Cricket Tours - Aggressive Youth Taxi Service, Our Transport To Bourda Oval, Georgetown, Guyana, In 2003

Uber In Guyana 2003

The name says it all about this Georgetown 'public service'. The passion displayed in the business name is exactly what is needed - 'catchy, unique, and memorable'. To young Winston's credit, he didn't opt for cliche 'A to B Taxis' or 'Top Taxis' or 'First Class Taxis' and simply spelled out his desire to get us all to Bourda Oval for the cricket as 'swiftly' as possible.
Australia In Bangladesh

Australia In Bangladesh

On the eve of what should have been Australia's Test Cricket Tour to Bangladesh, it is fitting to find this photo from my first ever visit to 'Bewdiful Bangers' in Sept 2005. Negotiating my way through the shipbreaking yards (easier then than it is now!) of Bhatiari Beach, in Chittagong, I found this young fellow taking a break.
Rainbow Nation

Rainbow Nation

The South African Flag is one the more colourful of world cricket and with each Australia Cricket Tour to South Africa, game after game, more and more flags are being waved by their people, as they cheer and support their lads on the field. At the start of each game, the national anthem and 'Shosholoza' (South African theme song) are sung, and the terraces look fantastic awash with the colour of hundreds of South African flags.
Australian Cricket Tours - An Indian Police Officer Leans Against The Boxing Kangaroo Flag Wrapped Around A Pillar In Chepauk Stadium, Chennai, India

Always Two Sides

A favourite photo from Chennai, India, in 2004, the first thing that comes to mind as I look at this today is a 'conversation' I had with an Englishman at Old Trafford at the Ashes Test Match, during Australia's Cricket Tour Of England in 2019. Sitting down and getting my flag out, this bloke behind leaned forward stating;

"That flag better not touch me!"

"Yeah, I will do my best not to flick your eye out" I jovially replied.

Australian Cricket Tours - Boys Playing Snooker On A Road-side Snooker Table In Multan, Pakistan

Chalk Your Queues

With great fondness I remember Australia's last Test Cricket Tour to Pakistan, way back in 1998, as one of a handful of Australian spectators to have ticked this box. Since then we have sadly played Pakistan away in Colombo, Sharjah, London, Leeds, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. Pleasingly, with Pakistan having ticked all their security boxes, the Australia Cricket Team is tantalizingly close to returning to the now vastly unknown cricket land of Pakistan, and so shall we!
Australian Cricket Tours - Kevin Hawking Our 400th Flagger With Brad Haddin Australia's 400th Test Cricketer

Our 400th Flagger

To acknowledge the support and trust people put in our tour group formerly known as 'Waving The Flag', we inaugurated 'The Flaggy Green' on the Australian Cricket Tour of South Africa in 2006, awarding a touring number with very cap presented. Over the years, we welcomed 650 Flaggers before we lowered 'The Flag' after Australia V Sri Lanka Cricket Tour in 2016.
Australian Cricket Tours - Mickey Mouse Looking On As A Bangladeshi Video Clip Is Being Produced

Dhaka Park, A Wonderland

Many would doubt there is a 'Wonderland' in Dhaka, but when on any Australian Cricket Tour we seek attractions both usual and unusual so Pete, Melinda, and I visited this tacky adventure playland. It was not for the slower than walking dodgem cars but specifically to see the aircraft that crashed at Dhaka Airport the previous year and which was now in the park and converted into a restaurant!
Australian Cricket Tours - Peter Holt Looks At His Watch Whilst Waving His Australian Flag, Wondering What Time Play Would Re-Start In Chittagong, During The Australia V Bangladesh Test Match In 2006

At The 3rd Stroke

Besides the consistent lack of 90 overs bowled in a day's play, one of my biggest bug-bears following cricket is match timings. Play often starts 1-2 minutes late, yet the session always ends smack on-time instead of 1-2 minutes late. There was no more confusing match timing than that of Day 1 in Chittagong, during the Australian Test Cricket Tour of Bangladesh in 2006.
Australian Cricket Tours - Blair MacDonald Has A Chat With South Africa's Leading Jockey, Kevin Shea At Bloemfontein Racecourse

From The Horse's Mouth

Always keen for a red-hot tip to help pay for the tour, after spending the first five races in the member's lounge at the Bloemfontein Race Course*, the general manager invited us into the marshalling ring prior to the 6th, where we had the pleasure to meet Kevin Shea, South Africa's leading Jockey.

Australian Cricket Tours - Sign Outside Senwes Park, Potchefstroom 'Right Of Admission Reserved. No Alcohol Allowed. No Weapons. Only Gas Braais'

Guns No, Knives Yes!

Watching any Australian Cricket Tour of South Africa can be summed up as 'relaxed', and there's no better example than turning up at a venue and being reminded that weapons are not allowed. Some grounds even have 'cloakrooms' where you can leave said weapons. With all dangers outside, instead of buying lunch at the game you can bring your own Braai (BBQ) along with all the knives, fork, prongs, tongs, fire starters, and crockery you need to kill and cook. Brilliant!