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Three Toy Ducks Lined Up At The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) | Batting Hattrick In Cricket | Melbourne | Australian Cricket Tours|

Batting Hattrick In Cricket

If you've never heard of a 'Batting Hattrick', this useful post will shed light on your curiosity.
Kepler Wessels Had A Largely Unremarkable But Memorable Career Spanning Two Test Cricket Nations | Australian Cricket Tours

Kepler Wessels | Career, Stats and More!

Kepler Wessels was an outstanding sportsman and played cricket for both Australia and South Africa. 
How tall are cricket stumps featuring yellow stumps and black bails

How Tall are Cricket Stumps?

If you've ever wondered 'how tall are cricket stumps' (or how wide), satisfy your curiosity with this useful post.
Cricket Bat Sizes: The Truth About Different Bat Sizes Explained

Cricket Bat Sizes: The Truth About Different Bat Sizes Explained

Cricket Bat Sizing explained in detail, as far we know it!
Cricket Being Played On Galle Fort Opposite Galle Cricket Ground | Galle | Sri Lanka | Australian Cricket Tours

What Is A Maiden Over In Cricket?

Ever wondered why a maiden over in cricket is called a maiden over? Here's your detailed answer.
Galle Cricket Ground Seen From The Ramparts Of The 16th Century Dutch Fort | Sri Lanka | Australian Cricket

Galle Cricket Ground

Galle Cricket Ground on Sri Lanka's south coast is one of the game's most iconic. A must see venue for all.
Cricket In Hambledon 18th Century | Image Courtesy: Hambledon Cricket Club (Hambledon.CC) | Australian Cricket Tours

Who Invented Cricket?

Did any one person invent cricket or was it a backyard evolution? Here's a click synopsis of cricket's origins.
How Many Players In A Cricket Team

How Many Players In A Cricket Team

Since 1744, cricket has seen 11 players per side take the field. Have you ever wondered why eleven players?
Knights Templar Always Convene At Ashes Matches In England, Here Seen At Old Trafford, Manchester in 2005 | Australian Cricket Tours

Australia Vs England | Manchester 2005

Ashes Series 2005 stands as one of cricket's finest, with the 3rd Test at Old Trafford one of the great draws.
Michael Kasprowicz Gloves One Down Leg To Hand England The Narrowest Of Ashes Victories | Edgbaston | Birmingham | England | Australian Cricket Tours

Australia Vs England | Birmingham 2005

The 2nd Test Match Edgbaston 2005, the smallest victory margin in Ashes history, will live with the many that were there for a long time to come.
Hilton Colombo Lobby Lounge & Bar | Sri Lanka | Australian Cricket Tours

Hilton Colombo Hotel

By 2025, there will be 5000 new hotel rooms in Colombo but our first choice will be the breakfast buffet at iconic Hilton Colombo
Anti-Government Protestor In Sri Lanka Hold A Sign Saying 'No Current' 'No Fuel' 'No Transport' 'Come Visit Sri Lanka' | Colombo | Sri Lanka | Australian Cricket Tours

Visit Sri Lanka

More than ever Sri Lanka needs tourism, an industry protected socially against the struggles the rest of the nation is enduring.