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Australian Cricket Stories

Australian Cricket Tours - Entrance To The Lance Gibbs Stands, Bourda Oval, Georgetown, Guyana

Australia At The Bourda

Guyana may not be in the Caribbean that we dream or expect, and though being a South American nation that excels at cricket, the Guyanese know how to celebrate the great game as just West Indian 'islanders' do. The 1st Test of the 2003 series between Australia and West Indies was by no means sold out but you could be excused for believing it was with the buzzing crowd rocking to the tunes thumping out from innumerable sound systems blaring from around the ground.
Four Australian Cricket Followers Cleaning The Grave Of Harry "Breaker" Harbord Morant, An Australian Military Officer Buried At Church Street Cemetary, Pretoria, South Africa

Australian Cricket Brothers

Australia has had some famous cricket-playing brothers over the years and undoubtedly the Waughs have been the most feared of those sibling combinations to have represented their country. Records obviously speak for themselves and statistics are born out of performances, but it’s also true that an element of luck can be in play, even when representing your country at the highest level of any sport.... Read On
Australian Cricket Tours - Blair, Darren, and Mark At The Stairs Of Our South African Airways Jetstream In Bloemfontein

Leaving On A Jetstream

Having hitched around South Africa several times and understanding the ease of road transport, taking to the skies for every game this tour (2002) was a unique feature; something I'm certainly not used to. It meant there were a few short routes to travel, which also meant flying on smaller aircraft that gives the true meaning of flight! It didn't bother Darren, Mark, or myself, but Blair is not the world's best flyer and refused to believe me when I said the flight to Durban from Bloemfontein was on a 29-seater. ...Read On
Australian Cricket Tours - Australian Media Team That Played South Africa Media In Johannesburg 2002

Australia v South Africa - Media Championship

Following cricket around the world in the '90s and early '00s, before 'better internet', was often enjoyed with the same media contingent that fed the news, view, scores, and more back home. As such, tour after tour, equally as enjoyable as the cricket was meeting the journos again, especially when 'dinner and/or drinks' was often paid for by Rupert Murdoch (don't tell him)!