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Australian Cricket Tour To The West Indies 2025

An Awesome Group Ending Our Awesome Catamaran Day Trip To Prickly Pear | Anguilla | West Indies | Australian Cricket Tours

Australian Cricket Tour To The West Indies 2025

"Almost everything you will need to know about the tour is below. Please, take the time to read & understand what you get when booking our amazing tour. If there's something we haven't covered, please ask. Thanks."


Hotel Tours: 8 Nights Per Island
Where: Antigua | Barbados | Dominica | Grenada | Guyana | Jamaica | St Kitts | St Lucia | St Vincent | Trinidad - TBC
Add-On Islands: St Maarten | Non-Game Hosting Islands
Matches: 2 Tests | 3 ODI | 3 T20
Per Test Twin PP: A$Budget

Per Test Single PP: A$Budget
Book: Without Obligation For A$1

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West Indies 2025 Tour Intro

For a very long time, the West Indies has been a preferred Australian Cricket Tour for many. We get more enquiries about the next Australian Cricket Tour to the West Indies than most other nations, and rightly so.

Crystal blue waters, open-air parties, boat trips, rum shacks, palm trees, barbeques, music, seafood, silky sands, fishing, diving, hiking, waterfalls, forests, colour, cricket, and fun.

Almost anything goes in the West Indies, though we don't deny that the game is on life-support compared to the life-changing series that were our Australian Cricket Tours to the West Indies 1995, 1999, and 2003.

Those 3 tours is what brings many cricket lovers to say, 'I want to do a tour of the West Indies', but we don't pretend that touring the islands has changed, and is little like it was.

The ICC ruined cricket in the West Indies with their Cricket World Cup 2007.

Unnecessary large and characterless venues sucked the passion, heart, and purpose out of the game, and West Indies cricket has not been the same.

What we didn't lose were the people that make touring the West Indies as special as Australia winning the Frank Worrell Trophy!

West Indians may not embrace cricket in their numbers as before, but they're still there, rum-punching through their days and nights!

We'll be there and you should be too as this will be our ONLY Test Cricket Tour to the West Indies through 15 years!

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  • At North Point, St Lucy, On Our Rum Shack Drive Around The Island | Barbados | Australian Cricket Tours

    30 Years Anniversary Tour

    June-July 2025 will be 10 years since our last West Indian rum punch.

    After such a break, we are dead-keen to get back; especially being our 30 Years Anniversary Tour.

    We first toured the Caribbean in 1995 on what was to be a 'one-off' tour before continuing 'life at home'.

    Thankfully, it wasn't to be.

    When we return in 2025 we'll have seen almost 250 test matches in every test nation Australia has competed.

    West Indies 2025 will be our 11th trip to the islands and anticipation is huge, with more than 500 already on 'priority list'.

    This ever-growing list includes others that toured in 1995, family, friends, and even past players who have envied our cricket touring through the years.

    If you haven't yet, add your name below and celebrate our 30 years of watching Australian Cricket, where it all began!

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  • Australian Cricket Tours - Our Beautiful Catamaran Sits In The Distance On The Turquoise Waters Of Prickly Pear, Anguilla

    West Indies 2025 Cricket Tour

    Schedule To Be Confirmed

    • St Maarten
    • 1st Test
    • 2nd Test
    • Add-On Island
    • 3rd Test (TBC)
    • 3 ODI's
    • 3 T20's
    • Add-On Island

    Waiting 10 years for Australia to return the West Indies means this is a tour you should plan to do in its entirety; make up for lost time, let's say.

    We'll be there from first to last ball. 2-3 Tests, 6 white-balls, St Maarten (SXM) to start, and another island to finish.

    SXM is the world's smallest land mass shared by 2 nations. We'll have 5 nights in 'France and Holland', with 3 more nearby rocks (Anguilla, Saba, St Barts) to collect passport stamps.

    From SXM we'll get you to the Tests.

    If Australia & West Indies don't play the WTC Final, my Cricket West Indies guru suggests a 3rd Test can be added, which will be outstanding. 

    Whether 2 or 3 Tests, we'll have 8 nights on each island. Should we play a 3rd Test, we may have a 5 night break after the 2nd Test, when we will visit another island.

    To save travel, the West Indies usually play 3 white-ball games on one island and 3 on another; a format we hope remains.

    Though not huge white-ball lovers, having 8 nights in Grenada (for e.g.), and 8 nights in St Vincent (for.e.g) submerged in West Indian exuberance makes touring worth it.

    You're going all the way to the West Indies, so stay another 2 weeks and 6 more games, it will be fun.

    When the cricket is done, we'll head to another isle for the holiday you need after a holiday.

    To make your tour easy we will include inter-island travel (TBC), transfers on arrival and departure, hotels, match tickets, dinner parties, cool fashions, excursions, and more to help make your tour all the more hassle-free.


    Importantly, please know that every moment remains yours to do as you please. We don't hold your hand and you do not walk around following a flag. We will point you in directions you may like to go, and that's it.

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  • Australian Cricket Tours - Two Ladies Looking Very Focussed On Pouring The Correct Cocktail At The Sabina Park Test Match In Jamaica

    When Is The West Indies 2025

    We are scheduled to play late June into July 2025 and will remain abiguous to the day of confirmation.

    ICC World Test Championship Final is scheduled for the first two weeks of June so we can't play then.

    Like every Australian Cricket Tour it can remain unknown until 4 weeks (India!) before the first ball, which is infuriating.

    As this is not India, we trust you will have at least 6 months to get your ducks lined up.

    The tour will sneak up on you, so start collecting your ducks now.

    At all times we keep ears to the ground for tour news, and will share what we learn.

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  • Australian Cricket Tours - Aircraft Landing At Princess Juliana International Airport Almost Touch Your Head As You Swim In The Tranquil Waters Of Maho Beach | St Maarten

    West Indies 2025 Tour Inclusions

    We know a lot of money is needed for your Australian Cricket Tour To The West Indies 2025 so please make sure you know what you're getting.

    Until the schedule is known, this is what we WISH to include:

    Test Match Hotel Tours:

    • Up To 8 Nights 4+ Star Hotel
    • Breakfast Daily
    • Return Airport-Hotel Transfers
    • Inter-Island Travel*
    • Match Tickets To All 5 Days
    • Match Day Transfers If Req.
    • Pre-Test Match Beach Party
    • Day 5 Drinks Party
    • Excursion On The Water, or
    • Trip On The Island
    • Very Cool Apparel
    • Optional Sightseeing
    • Nightly Drinks Destination
    • Our 30 Years Tour Experience 

    *Inter-Island Travel MAY be included if joining us on 2+ consecutive islands

    Match Tickets Package:

    • Match Tickets To All 5 Days
    • Pre-Test Match Beach Party
    • Super-Cool Apparel

    • White Ball Format TBC

    Add-On Islands:

    • 4+ Star Hotels
    • Breakfast Daily
    • Transfers As Required
    • Day Trips As Listed
    • Inter-Island Travel

    Not Included:

    A Catamaran Trip Along St Lucia's West Coast To The Postcard Pitons Is A Must | Australian Cricket Tours

    Budget For The West Indies 2025


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  • The White Sands Of Tobago Cays And Union Island In St Vincent And The Grenadines Is Blinding | Australian Cricket Tours

    How To Reach The West Indies 2025


    Until Qantas launches Melbourne - Barbados, reaching the West Indies in one hit from Australia can't be done. You must overnight in the US or Canada and fly the next day.

    Unless holidaying enroute, our preferred option is to overnight in Miami and fly the next morning into your preferred island.

    It is cheaper to book Australia - Miami - Australia on one ticket, and Miami - CARIBBEAN - Miami on another.

    There are dozens of daily direct flights from US and Canadian hubs to most Caribbean nations, with American Airlines out of Miami, the most prolific.

    From the UK, British Airways fly into Barbados, Antigua, St Lucia, Grenada, St Kitts, Jamaica, Guyana, and Aruba.

    From Europe fly KLM and Air France into our beloved St Maarten.

    Search Flights To The West Indies 2025:


    CorsairFly B747 Landing Over Maho Beach Into Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) St Maarten | Netherlands Antilles | West Indies | Australian Cricket Tours

    Where Will The West Indies 2025 Cricket Be Played

    We have no idea.

    In the halcyon days, when only 5 nations hosted international cricket, a tour was much easier to plan, even still not knowing where.

    The original 'Big 5' of Antigua, Guyana, Barbados, Jamaica, and Trinidad now vie with Dominica, Grenada, St Kitts, St Lucia, and St Vincent.

    Sadly, we can't play everywhere.

    We last played in Antigua 2008 and Barbados 2012 so our 30 Years Anniversary will be a perfect time to revisit two legacy islands that defined the cricket in the West Indies.

    We have been writing with Cricket West Indies, citing economics to play Barbados, Antigua, and a 3rd Test. We clearly struck a chord as they opened dialogue on a Sunday!

    With 10 nations to host 2 Tests, there's no guarantee we will play anywhere we want, or anywhere we don't.

    We DO NOT WANT Jamaica, Trinidad, or Guyana as they've no beaches on which to flop after play and plenty of safety negatives we prefer to avoid.

    In 2012 & 2015 we delighted in playing in Dominica, and would love to again but she doesn't have the infrastructure to accommodate us in 2025.

    If not Antigua & Barbados, we'll relish St Lucia & St Kitts as much as Grenada & St Vincent. We've seen them all.


    The lottery won't be drawn until late 2024 but as soon as we have an itch of where we may play, we'll be prepared.

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  • Enjoying A Rum Punch On Our Way By Boat From Union Island To St Vincent Island | Australian Cricket Tours

    Island Hopping The West Indies 2025


    Until we know where we are playing, it is our intent include convenient inter-island travel. So, should you join us on 2+ islands consecutively, we will get you from one island to the next island and so forth, by boat or plane, as well as to/from the hotel each time.

    If you're only doing one test, no travel is included.

    **You are responsible for getting yourself to and from the Caribbean**

    Australian Cricket Tourists Enjoying A Pitch Photo After Play At Windsor Park Dominica | Australian Cricket Tours

    How Long Is The West Indies 2025 Tour

    Once you reach the Caribbean, should we play only 2 Tests, please allow:

    • St Maarten: 5 Nights
    • 1st Test: 8 Nights
    • 2nd Test: 8 Nights
    • 3 ODI: 8 Nights
    • 3 T20: 8 Nights
    • Add-On Island: 5 Nights

    Once you reach the Caribbean, should we play 3 Tests, please allow:

    • St Maarten*: 5 Nights
    • 1st Test: 8 Nights
    • 2nd Test: 8 Nights
    • St Maarten*: 5 Nights
    • 3rd Test: 8 Nights
    • 3 ODI: 8 Nights
    • 3 T20: 8 Nights
    • Add-On Island: 5 Nights
    • This is no guarantee the tests will be first
    • Nights may change once we know the schedule
    • *If we play 3 Tests, St Maarten may be visited after the 2nd Test instead of before the 1st Test
    On A Long Boat From The Black River To Floyd's Pelican Bar Off Treasure Beach | Jamaica | Australian Cricket Tours

    Only Doing One Test Match

    If you can only do one test match, like many do, that's all good!

    Some only want to 'tick the box' on new venues, or don't have time to do more.

    West Indies 2025 will be our first and last tour to the islands for a long time, so more people than ever before will flop over for one test, so don't be shy.

    If you are coming for one test ONLY, no travel is included. We'll get you from & to the airport for a week of fun & larks, but that's it.


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  • Australian Cricket Tours - Lush Dominica As Seen From Isle View Restaurant And Bar Where We Always Stop For Lunch After Arriving At Melville Hall International Airport

    West Indies 2025 Match Tickets

    As Official Tour Operator to Cricket West Indies (contract signed through 2024), we'll have access to all match tickets before the general public.

    Being Australia's first tour in 10 years, the small venues may sell out in a jiffy, and likely if our priority list keeps growing.

    We'll book seats behind the bowlers' arm, if available, for all games.

    Unavoidably, match tickets have a price for West Indians and a much higher price for tourists.

    Match tickets for England in West Indies 2022 suggests match tickets for West Indies 2025 will be up to US$500 per test.

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  • Some Of More Than 100 Different Flavoured Rums At Isle View Restaurant | Dominica | Australian Cricket Tours

    Party Stands In The West Indies 2025

    West Indian venues were renown for their party stands; one ticket, all you can drink, food included, swimming pools, music, dancers, & atmosphere unrivalled in world cricket. #Epic

    With the demise of West Indies Cricket, the all-inclusive enclaves have too falled foul of poor form.

    The Mound in Jamaica now not a mole hill, the pool in Barbados long drained, the Posse Stand in Trinidad, vacant, the Pepsi Stand in Guyana silently flat, and the rhythm of Chickie's HiFi Disco in Antigua, no longer felt.

    Excitement for West Indies 2025 doesn't mean we won't see a party stand revival. Speaking with Cricket West Indies, the chosen venues will decide their fate.


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  • All Aboard The Jolly Roger Pirate Ship Party Cruise | Barbados | Australian Cricket Tours

    West Indies 2025 Match Tickets Only Package

    As with all Australian Cricket Tours, except New Zealand 2024, we do not sell Match Tickets ONLY.

    If you're booking your own hotel & travel yet want confirmed match tickets, book our simple Match Ticket Package.

    • Match Tickets To All 5 Days
    • Party Stand Option If Available
    • Pre-Test Match Party
    • Very-Cool Apparel

    • White Ball Match Format TBC

    Get to the pre-match party, grab your tickets & fashions, have a rollicking time, and we'll see you at the game.


    Please: If you're not booking any tour, do not ask where or how to buy match tickets. If you want tickets, book here.

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  • Australian Cricket Tours - Rum Shacks Are Great For Casual Drinks And Meeting Locals

    Match Day Transfers In The West Indies 2025

    Knowing where we'd like to stay relative to each venue, match day transfers will be included on most islands.

    Some hotels are 2km - 3km from the game, so barely 20mins walk, but for safety & convenience, we may still drive you.

    Once we know where we're playing, we will confirm whether transfers are included. If ever they are not, cheap taxis for short journeys are plentiful.

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  • Enjoying Breakfast At Sonesto Maho Beach Resort, Casino & Spa | St Maarten | Netherlands Antilles | Australian Cricket Tours

    Hotel Transfers In The West Indies 2025

    Whether you enjoy just one test or the whole tour, we will get you from the airport and back when you leave.

    The same goes for arriving by boat, should we skim between rocks.

    As these are shared transfers, we may ask you to wait briefly for others.

    When flying out, even if travelling on your own, we decide when your transfer will leave for the airport. We will only get you to the airport earlier than expected, but never later.

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  • Sailing The Caribbean Is A Dream Of Many, Especially On Giant Masted Yachts | St Vincent & The Grenadines | Australian Cricket Tours

    Hotels In The West Indies 2025

    Across the islands there is no shortage of sweet homestays, private villas, boutique plantation homes, grand hotels, to all-inclusive gated resorts.

    In the ideal world we'd have a choice of hotels & prices but that makes it difficult for everyone. At a min. we'll include 4-star hotels, most of which are on each island's much-smoother west coast.

    An exception is Barbados' south coast. The famed Parish of Christchurch is filled with hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, rum shacks & vibrancy not felt elsewhere else in the islands.

    We've always lived in Christchurch, but in 2025 we MAY live on Barbados' lush west coast where fabled beaches and cool hotspots suit more laid-back souls. It will depend on our expected numbers, hotel pricing, & availability.

    Other exceptions to 'coastal living' are the 3 places we wish to avoid; Jamaica, Guyana, and Trinidad. We like to relax on teal waters after play, under palm trees & warming sunsets, which you can't do in these rugged capitals.

    Let's see what the schedule brings!

    *We no longer offer twin-share unless you book to share with someone you know. If you are travelling alone, you must book SINGLE or phone a friend.

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  • Union Island Is A Breathaking Destination At The Southern Tip Of The Grenadines | St Vincent & The Grenadines | Australian Cricket Tours

    Day Trips In The West Indies 2025

    Though many come to the islands for weeks of sand-lubbing, all of these tiny rocks have heaps of reasons to drag yourself off the beach.

    5-days of cricket may stop you from doing most things but with the day after the test scheduled as a 'play day', we'll do something we trust you'll love. 

    Circumnavigating Antigua on a 'cat' is our first wont. Sailing the West Coast to the Pitons of St Lucia, jet-boating out of Black River to Floyd's Pelican Bar in Jamaica, swimming gorges and hot springs in Dominica, or driving Barbados on a rum shack tour are treasured memories we look to relive.

    It's a shame we may only play 2 Tests!

    Should we not play in Barbados, St Kitt's, Antigua, St Vincent, St Lucia, or Grenada, we will visit one or more of these famed cricket islands for up to 5-nights, during or after the cricket, including if a 3rd Test is added.

    You can have 7 amazing weeks rum punching on a yacht, rocking barefoot on the sand, ducking aircraft, liming at the weekl 'jump-up', sunning in crystal waters, snorkelling, caving, diving, kayaking, or kicking back in a rum shack. There's cricket too!

    What we do depends on the schedule, but we'll get you great memories and value for your effort to reach the islands.

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  • The Lush Interiors Of Most Islands In The West Indies Are Juxtaposed To Their Often Blinding White Sand Beaches | Dominica | Australian Cricket Tours

    Visiting Non-Cricket Islands

    As our schedule may be limited by only playing 2 tests, we are therefore limited to where we can go.

    3 Tests and St Maarten can tick off 6 nations, but we are not going to waste any time by not visiting bonus rocks.

    Unlike Greece there is not a vast ferry industry shipping people across the islands. You must fly so we won't be flippant about where we go.

    We start our Australian Cricket Tour To The West Indies 2025 in St Maarten, which is two nations in one, with side trips to Anguilla and Saba.

    From Antigua we can visit St Kitts, Montserrat, and sister island Barbuda.

    St Vincent & the Grenadines has 32 islands, before you hit Grenada.

    You can ferry between Martinique, St Lucia, and Dominica but only twice per week, so timing must be spot on.

    With 6 white balls played on 2 islands, we may have time to visit another rock before the first 3 games.

    Without squeezing things in, we'll make the most of your time and effort to visit this awesome region.

    As soon as we know where & when we're playing, we'll build a full itinerary to include everywhere possible.

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  • Swimming With Turtles Is A Great Way To Spend A Day | St Vincent & The Grenadines | Australian Cricket Tours

    Golf In The West Indies 2025

    If you love cricket, there is rocking chance that you may enjoy golf, and may even enjoy hacking a course too. If the latter, pack your clubs for 2025.

    If you are keen to tee-up on special courses, join our Golf & Cricket Tour.

    Barbados has 6 courses, whereas all other cricket islands have at least 1 course, whereas Dominica has none.

    With 8 days on each island, your Golf & Cricket Tour, in addition to the regular tour inclusions as listed, will include:

    • 18 Holes The Day Before The Test
    • 18 Holes The Day After The Test
    • Transfers To/From The Hotel
    • West Indies 2025 Golf Apparel
    • *Club Hire Extra If Required

    • White Ball Series Golf TBC

    • There's no 'day trip' after the Test
    • *Personal clubs may incur inter-island airline fees & restrictions

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    Australian Cricket Tourists Having A Pitch Photo After Play At Sabina Park | Kingston | Jamaica | Australian Cricket Tours

    Kids In The West Indies 2025

    Across the years we have welcomed many families and the West Indies is one of the better regions to bring the kids (below), with grand beaches and entertainment on all islands to suit.

    Depending on your younglings' age, reduced price tours (for the littlies) are available. Speak to us about tailoring a package for the family.

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  • Australian Cricket Tours - Our Youngest Ever Client, Marli, Playing With A Young Dominican Girl At The Cricket

    Booking The West Indies 2025

    You may have a million questions about the tour, you may have one. We want you to be comfy in choosing to tour with us so will happily answer any queries before you book.

    If you are cool with our 'plans', until we have confirmed tour schedules and prices, add your name to our priority list below for just A$1.

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  • Air France On Arrival Into Princess Juliana International Airport | Maho Beach | St Maarten | Netherlands Antilles | Australian Cricket Tours 

    In Conclusion

    Having island-hopped all Caribbean cricket nations plus St Maarten, Tobago, Saba, Nevis, and Anguilla, we have a cracking good idea of how to create the best possible tour for you from an often awfully bad schedule!!

    Rum punch time!

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