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Elephant Pass Railway Station

Elephant Pass Railway Station After It Was Rebuilt And Reopened March 4, 2014 | Sri Lanka | Australian Cricket Tours

In 1990, during Sri Lanka’s 36-year civil war, Elephant Pass Railway Station was destroyed, and northern rail-line closed. When the civil war ended in 2009, the north-south reconnect included reopening the Colombo to Jaffna rail-line and this culturally significant station, ASAP.

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With support from the Education Dept., teachers & students across Sri Lanka donated Rs10 and Rs2 respectively. In today’s exchange, that’s A$0.03c and A$0.007c. That's not a lot to give, but all was needed for the station to reopen to finish the reunification of Sri Lanka.

Thanks to the people, Elephant Pass Railway Station reopened on March 4, 2014 and the north - south were connected once again by rail.

Elephant Pass Railway Station After It Was Reopened On March 4, 2014 following 24 Years Of Closure Due To The Sri Lanka Civil War | Australian Cricket Tours

You've gotta praise the Sri Lankan's spirit of purpose more than the size of donations. Kids don’t need to know the rebuilding of Elephant Pass Railway Station cost A$000’s of dollars, instead feel happy believing that their Rs2 bought a sign, or window, platform seat, or a quiet space for the Station Master (below) to watch cricket in between infrequent services.

The Station Master Of Elephant Pass Railway Station Watches Cricket On His Mobile Phone Whilst Waiting For The Next Train To Stop Or Pass | Sri Lanka | Australian Cricket Tours

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