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Fans On The Field

Fans On The Field At Hagley Oval Christchurch During The Australian Cricket Tour To New Zealand Test Series | Australian Cricket Tours

Fans On The Field

It doesn't take much to make a spectator feel welcomed and appreciated at the cricket, and for a very long time the Kiwis have done it about as good as it can be.

Since our first Australian Cricket Tour To New Zealand 2000, spectators have been allowed on the field during the lunch break, something which many on the Australian Cricket Tour To New Zealand 2024 had never experienced

Once the players have left the ground and groundstaff have roped off the centre square, the boundary gates are opened and for 20 minutes you can be one of many 'Fans On The Field'.

Those that never been granted this unique pleasure spoke animatedly and posted on their socials with excitement as if this was a new thing.

It's not.

We have been singing the virtues of watching Cricket in New Zealand for a quarter of a century, especially for being allowed on the field.

Fans gather around the centre square and inspect the wicket, kids play cricket, friends and family take their photos, and always but always, people have a nice and respectful time.

There is never any untoward, and thus every day you have 'Fans On The Field'.

Where in Australia the noose is tightened year-on-year, the restrictions imposed on what spectators can or can't bring to the game, the Kiwis know that if you treat people like grown-ups, serve them full strength alcohol, allow them to bring chairs, umbrellas, cricket bats and balls, they behave like grown-ups.

As such, we are likely to enjoy being Fans On The Field in New Zealand for many, many tours to come. If only we played more than once every 8-years!

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