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Pap & Park Scheme

Australian Cricket Tours - Mumbai Parking Sign That Reads 'Pap & Park Scheme' | Blog Post | Postcard | India

Postcard # 3
Written Feb 28, 2001
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When you take an Australian Cricket Tour To India, it is not only the people, places, scents and sights that will stun you, but their command of (or at times lack of) the English language. Many Indians speak English with greater clarity, diction, and vocabulary than Her Majesty's geezers flopped on the beaches of Benidorm. To the other extent, English is not their first language and they don't have to use it. When travelling to India, appreciate that English is widely spoken and written albeit with an odd misspelling or two from time to time.

So, what exactly is a 'Pap and Park Scheme'? Many thoughts come to mind, but like many things in India I am still left wondering!

Any ideas???

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