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West Indies 2023

Australian Cricket Tours - An Awesome Group Ending Our Awesome Catamaran Day Trip To Prickly Pair On Anguilla | West Indies

Australian Cricket Tour To The West Indies 2023

**It Is Unlikely That We Will Tour The West Indies In 2023, Regardless Of Being 8 Years Since Our Last. We Will Keep Our Ears To The Ground And Update You As We Learn More**

**Once confirmed, please expect each Test Tour to be A$1800 per person, per test (8 -nights), twin share, land only, but this is determined by US$ exchange to the AUD$. In 2003 AUD$1 = US$0.47c. In 2012 AUD$1 = US$1.10c. If a hotel room is US$100 per night and match tickets US$120, you can understand our preferred exchange rate**

For an exceptionally long time, the West Indies has been a preferred Australian Cricket Tour for many. We get more enquiries about the next Australian Cricket Tour to the West Indies than most other nations, with Sri Lanka and South Africa a close 2nd and 3rd; rightly so as they are the number 1 & 2 best nations to follow Australian Cricket.

Disappointed to miss the West Indies 2021 due to C19, it should be all good for us to return to the cool Caribbean in 2023 or 2024. It will be 8, if not 9, years between West Indian rum punches, so anticipation & excitement are building.

Australian Cricket Tours - Our Beautiful Catamaran Sits In The Distance On The Turquoise Waters Of Prickly Pear, Anguilla

Single Test Hotel Tours Include:

  • 8 Nights 4 / 5 Star Hotel
  • Match Tickets To All 5 Days
  • Match Day Transfers If Req.
  • 2 Dinner Parties With Drinks
  • An Excursion On The Water, or
  • Day Trip Around The Island
  • Commemorative Apparel
  • Nightly Entertainment Options
  • Our Cricket Travel Knowhow Since 1995

Multiple Test Hotel Tours Include:

  • 8 Nights 4 / 5 Star Hotel
  • Match Tickets To All 5 Days
  • Match Day Transfers If Req.
  • Inter-Island Group Flight/s
  • Group Flight Arrival Transfer
  • Group Flight Departure Transfer
  • 2 Dinner Parties With Drinks
  • An Excursion On The Water, or
  • Day Trip Around The Island
  • Commemorative Apparel
  • Our Cricket Travel Knowhow Since 1995

Match Ticket Only Tours Include:

  • Match Tickets To All 5 Days
  • 2 Dinner Parties With Drinks
  • Commemorative Apparel

Australian Cricket Tours - Aircraft Landing At Princess Juliana International Airport Almost Touch Your Head As You Swim In The Tranquil Waters Of Maho Beach | St Maarten

This tour however it is not yet confirmed, but it should be played May into June, following the Australian Cricket Tour To India 2023. As per 2015, we could tour West Indies 2023 before Australia’s Ashes Cricket Tour to England 2023.

This reminds us of the 2015 debacle when, 6 weeks before the start, the West Indies Cricket Tour was brought forward 2 days so the Australian Cricket Team could catch an earlier flight out of Jamaica to London. This unscheduled change left many (other) tourists arriving on Day 2, with Day 3 to be their only session of play, but let’s digress!

Australian Cricket Tours - Looking Into Windsor Park Stadium, Dominica, From King's Hill Above The Capital City Roseau

When we tour we look forward to 3 Tests to make your Tour far more worthwhile. With only 2 Tests in 2015, everyone, especially West Indians, missed out on so much.

No matter what the format we will make this, with your help, a cracking tour in what we hope will be played in two ‘big’ islands for a change, no disrespect to our little favourite Dominica. We last played in Antigua 2008 and in Barbados 2012 so it is time that half of Australia packed their flags to wave at two of the original bastions of West Indies Cricket. They defined the game in the islands.

Australian Cricket Tours - Turquoise Waters And Silky White Sands Of The Caribbean, With Steel Fire Pots On The Beach To Prolong Your Evenings

Crystal blue waters, open-air parties, boat trips, rum shacks, palm trees, barbeques, music, seafood, silky sands, wonder, waterfalls, forests, colour, cricket, and fun. Almost anything goes in the West Indies, though we don't deny that life at the game is on life-support compared to the life-changing series that were our Australian Cricket Tours to the West Indies 1995, 1999, and 2003.

The ICC ruined what we know as cricket in the West Indies with their World Cup 2007. Unnecessary large and characterless venues sucked the passion, heart, and purpose out of life at the game, and Caribbean cricket has not been the same since.

What we didn't lose were the incredible people that make touring the West Indies as special as Australia winning the Frank Worrell Trophy! West Indians may not embrace cricket as boisterously as times before, but they're still there, rum-punching through their days and nights, in their plenty!

Australian Cricket Tours - Two Ladies Looking Very Focussed On Pouring The Correct Cocktail At The Sabina Park Test Match In Jamaica

We’d love to focus on enjoying Antigua & Barbados but with 10 nations to host 3 Tests, there is no guarantee we will play anywhere we want! In 2015 we had the delight of playing in Dominica and we won’t be upset to return but we’d love a change. We would relish St Lucia and St Kitts, if not Antigua and Barbados, as much as playing in Grenada and St Vincent.

The lottery will be not drawn until late 2022 but what we do know, as on all our West Indies Cricket Tours, we will visit St Maarten. 4 nights on spectacular Maho Beach, arguably the plane-spotting capital of the Caribbean, if not the world, has long been a favourite addition to watching cricket in the West Indies. From here you can visit another 4 island nations without forgetting St Maarten is two countries in one for a start.

Australian Cricket Tours - On A Long Boat From The Black River To Floyd's Pelican Bar Off Treasure Beach, Jamaica

To make your tour easy we will include inter-island flights and hotel transfers on arrival and departure, for our inter-island flights. You only need to get to and from the islands, and we will package everything in between including hotels, match tickets, dinner beach parties, unique floral shirts, excursions on the water, and anything that helps make your tour even more special, and hassle-free.

Circumventing Antigua on a catamaran, sailing the West Coast of St Lucia to the Pitons, jet-boating to Floyd's Pelican Bar in Jamaica, swimming gorges and waterfalls in Dominica, or driving Barbados on a rum shack tour are our most treasured memories.

We appreciate the efforts needed to reach the islands so, like our West Indies Cricket Tour 2021, we will add a 5-night trip to Barbados, Antigua, St Kitts, or St Lucia, for example, should Australia not play Test cricket on any of these beautiful islands. 

Australian Cricket Tours - Lush Dominica As Seen From Isle View Restaurant And Bar Where We Always Stop For Lunch After Arriving At Melville Hall International Airport

Across 3 Tests, you can have an amazing 4 weeks rum punching on a yacht, rocking barefoot on the sand, liming at the weekly jump-up (street party), snorkelling through coral, sunning in turquoise waters, teeing up on gorgeous golf courses, or kicking back in a rum shack on a palm-fringed beach. Cricket adds to all that, with incredible people who see the game as life’s purpose.

What we do always depends on the schedule, but we plan to have 8 nights on each island watching test cricket, with 4 nights on St Maarten and 5 on another wondrous rock once we know where to go. If it's a 3 Test series, we could play 2 Tests with a week's break before the 3rd, or simply play 3 Tests back to back with 3-4 days break between each.

Australian Cricket Tours - Rum Shacks Are Great For Casual Drinks And Meeting Locals

Our perfect cricket world is often far from reality, more so in the Caribbean knowing not every nation is connected by daily flights to every other nation. You often catch one airline to one island to catch another airline to the next. A perfect definition of island-hopping the Caribbean. 

When schedules change as they did in 2015 and we had to swiftly rework flights, hotels, and transfers, those 'on tour' only had to focus on having a great time with some of the near 700 cool people that we've brought together at the game for more than 20 years; some that even travelled the West Indies with us in 1995.

Australian Cricket Tours - Our Youngest Ever Client, Marli, Playing With A Young Dominican Girl At The Cricket

Having island-hopped the Caribbean since 1995 to all nations plus St Maarten, Tobago, Saba, Nevis, St Barts, and Anguilla, we have a cracking good idea of how to create the absolute best possible tour for you from an often awfully bad schedule!!

Rum punch time!