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Ashes 2023

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Ashes 2023
Tour Update

Saturday October 08, 2022 -

Great news, Ashes Tours will be released between October 20 - 26, as per the latest email received from Cricket Australia Travel Office (CATO), in which they also asked us to remove of our 'estimated' guide-pricing.

They didn't think it right that you should know what to expect to pay. It's only been online for 18 months so we can live 2 weeks without it. That said, our estimates were spot on (if you remember them) except Lord's which unsurprisingly, is not lower.

We also removed the deposit booking link. If you wish to register a deposit booking, let us know and we'll send you the link.

We received more than 600 test match deposits. Some booked for 5 Tests, others for 1, 2, or 3 Tests, some for 1 person, others for 25, but not everyone will go.

Depending on final prices, some may book 1 or 2 tests and not 4 or 5. One gentleman booked 15 places for 3 tests, but we know he's only going to Edgbaston, so we know we don't need 600 packages. We will have 150 packages to start but can get more if required, but you will need to rebook smartly.

If you paid a deposit we will send you an email inviting you to rebook your preferred tour. If you didn't pay a deposit, please wait until we go public if we have packages remaining.

In our previous email (point 5 below), we said you would have 7 days to rebook. Knowing tours will be released in 2+ weeks, you now have 14 days to prepare to re-book in what will be only a 72-hour window before we put the booking page on the website, if we need to.

Many have already changed their mind on venues and numbers, and you may have too. Let us know if you will proceed with any or all of our Ashes Test Match Tours, how many people, which venues, and whether you prefer twin/double or single.

Pricing is confidential until tours are released but we will have your most affordable Official Tour option, per hotel.

We tour the Ashes for presence, not profit.

If you are not re-booking, please let us know for your deposit to be refunded. 

At the time of booking, you must pay:

  • $1000pp twin for Edgbaston, Headingley, Old Trafford, and Oval
  • $1500pp single for Edgbaston, Headingley, Old Trafford, and Oval

  • $1500pp twin for Lord's
  • $2000pp single for Lord's

You can pay in full if you wish.

  • 2nd Payment (50% of your balance remaining) must be received by Friday January 20, 2023
  • 3rd Payment (balance remaining) must be received by Friday February 17, 2023
  • Payment dates will be included on the booking page
  • We will send you reminders
  • All payments align with our commitments to CATO.


Your test match tours include:

  • 6 Nights 4-Star Hotel
  • English Breakfast Daily
  • Reserved Seat Tickets Days 1-4
  • General Admission Ticket Day 5
  • Pre-Test Match CATO Function
  • Commemorative Apparel (one set)

If you have any questions relating to next years Ashes Tour, please ask.

Many thanks from all at ACT,


Whatsapp ONLY: +61.402.222217 (until further notice)

Australian Cricket Tours - Abbreviated Branding That Reads A.C.T.

Wednesday September 21, 2022 -

The eagerly awaited Ashes dates are known, but still unconfirmed. The chances of these changing are slim, but until they are announced by Cricket Australia and ECB, they can still change.

In reply to many that have Whatsapp or emailed since the dates have been leaked;

1 - Once dates are confirmed, Official Tours will be released later in the year giving you time to book holidays, flights, and other needs, and ask a million questions if need be, before booking your tour. It takes time to confirm 3000 hotel beds, so relax, there will be plenty of time to book

2 - If you have paid a A$10 deposit per venue, we will contact you with final pricing asking if you wish to keep your place/s. We will not have packages for anyone that hasn't paid a deposit. We are not offering places to 'the public' per se

3 - If you wish to keep your place/s, you will be asked to rebook. There is no obligation to proceed, and either way your deposit will be refunded

4 - We will offer you ALL test matches. You don't have to rebook your original venue/s, you're welcome to book whichever venue/s suit your time, knowing the series is now in June - July

5 - If you choose to enjoy the Ashes 2023 with us, you will have 7 days to rebook with a non-refundable payment of A$1000* per person per venue

*Due to payments we need to make to CATO, this initial deposit has changed from A$500 to A$1000 per person, on Oct 4, 2022.

6 - You can make full payment or by installment. All payments are non-refundable. Once you confirm with us, we are obliged to buy your full package/s from Cricket Australia Travel. We pay them, so you must pay us. There is no going back. Installment dates will be given

7 - Cricket Australia select hotels, and then create, price, and sell 6-night base tours (incl. profit) to ALL official tour operators (us!), that include hotels with breakfast, reserved seat match ticket, and pre-test match function. We add apparel and our 28 years of touring knowhow 

8 - Our 6-night packages will be as close to cost as possible. Other operators add travel, transfers, day tours, Europe, and extra nights for a lot more money. We don't. We just want to help you enjoy a very-expensive tour as affordably as possible, with the convenience of an official tour.

9 - Pricing on our website was a high-end guide. We would rather suggest a higher price than a lower price only to then ask you for more. Final pricing is subject to match ticket prices, hotel rates, and foreign exchange. Current GBP exchange to the AUD is helping immensely  

10 - If travelling alone and wish to twin share, we will partner you with another lone-traveller of the same gender. If we have odd numbers, you may be asked to pay the single supplement. If you do not wish to share a room with a stranger, then please book a single room

11 - If your partner does not want to go to the cricket, there are no packages at this stage for partners that do not need match tickets. I suggest you book a single room and your partner can join you for 6-nights without any inclusions, including breakfast

12 - If you travelling as a family, kids up to an age (that won't go to the cricket) can use the parents' room (bed) for a small fee, if any. If your kids are going to the cricket, a full package must be booked. Lower pricing for kids is unavailable

13 - If you are one of the many cricket clubs coming, your guests must book separately, but we still need to know how many to expect to reserve the correct number of packages. All payments still need to be received within 7-days so start winding up players now to save the $500pp (and the rest). There is no obligation to proceed, but stragglers may miss out

14 - If you baulked at booking, please reconsider paying a fully refundable deposit. We can't offer you a place if we don't know you want to go

I believe that covers everything. None of the above are terms and conditions of booking, it is just blanket information to help you prepare. If there is something not covered, please let me know so I can answer it, and add it to the page.

Thank you to everyone that has booked, and thank you in advance to those that will.

If you still need to, please book here

Many thanks from all at ACT.

Warmest Regards,


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Australian Cricket Tours - Abbreviated Branding That Reads A.C.T.