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Budget For West Indies 2025

Match Tickets For The Australian Cricket Tour To The West Indies 2025 Will Not Be Cheap | Australian Cricket Tours

Budget For The West Indies 2025

Heads up, silky rum aside, the West Indies is not cheap.

Hotels, car hire, inter-island travel, excursions, etc... are all priced in US$, powered by the mass North American tourism market.

That's OK if the US$ crashes and the AUD$ returns to parity, such as the glory days of 2012!

Based on the current US$ value, and 2024 pricing for some of our preferred hotels, we suggest you save per person:

  • Twin / Double: A$4000+
  • Single Room: A$6000+

... for each week you wish to be in the islands.

Don't freak out, just read why we suggest this very generous 'top-end' budget, based on you enjoying 2+ weeks with us.

We'd rather say A$4000 and ask for A$3000, than suggest A$2000 and then ask for A$4000.

You can always take money home, and you will need spending money.

These prices include inter-island travel, 5-star hotels, transfers, excursions, parties, apparel and reserved seat match tickets that will be close to US$500 per test.

General Admission match tickets may be US$200, keeping in mind that ticket prices are much higher for visitors than those of the Caribbean Community.

If you fly in for one test, you save A$500+ as you won't have inter-island travel, which we look to include (TBC) when you do two or more islands with us.

Plus, we don't get you off the island at the end of your tour, so that's another A$500+ reduction there.

We may not include an excursion, or the hotel might only be 3.5 stars.

Hotel pricing varies per island, whether we stay on less popular coasts, high valued west coasts, breakfast only, or all-inclusive.

Cities such as Roseau do not have any 4 or 5 star hotels, so should we play in beautiful Dominica again, you can cut A$500+ off that budget.

Many variables will effect the final tour price, especially currency.

Price will fluctuate with the USD$. Over the years we've had pleasures and pains of US$ conversions:

  • 2003: US$1 = A$1.65c
  • 2008: US$1 = A$1.04c
  • 2012: US$1 = A$0.90c
  • 2015: US$1 = A$1.30c
  • 19/02/24: US$1 = A$1.52c

When a beer is US$5, a hotel is US$200 per night, and match tickets US$500, 2012 rate is preferable.

Until the US$ collapses our Australian Cricket Tour To The West Indies 2025 will not be our most affordable, and without you paying for a 'tour host'.

Generous group rates could make it more affordable to join us than do it yourself, without the hassle.

We appreciate not everyone does travel on such top-end budgets (we usually don't) but you can still enjoy Caribbean cricket with us, with our affordable and convenient Match Tickets Package.

Whichever your preferred tour format you need to save for not only your time in the islands, but getting there too.

**No Travel to/from West Indies Is Included**

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