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Australian Cricket Stories

Australian Cricket Tours Playing Cricket On Galle Fort Sri Lanka

How To Play Cricket

Since March 10, 1300, bowlers have been asking umpires "Howzat?", and standing perplexed as to why it wasn't out. How to play cricket is no easier today than then.
Australian Cricket Tours - Three Toy Ducks Wearing Australian Baggy Green Cricket Caps Lined Up On The Boundary Fence At The Melbourne Cricket Ground (M.C.G.)

8 Types Of Ducks In Cricket

No one likes getting out in cricket no matter how many runs have been scored but getting out for a duck is made worse by the 8 labels attached.
Australian Cricket Tours - Nepotists Cricket Club Playing Cricket On Frogmore Field Against Royal Household Cricket Club Windsor Castle

Ways To Get Out In Cricket

When playing cricket, there are 9 ways to get out, offering a diverse and sometimes embarrassing slow walk back to your teammates in the club house!
Australian Cricket Tours - The View Of Table Mountain And Devil's Peak From Under The Oak Trees At Newlands Cricket Cricket Stadium, Cape Town

Test Cricket Grounds

Having been to 87 of the 121 grounds that have hosted Test Cricket, highlighting these handful of favourite Test Cricket Grounds was alot easier than some may think.

Australian Cricket Tours - Cricket Fielding Positions

Cricket Fielding Positions

In the modern game of cricket, with rapid-change, unorthodox fielding positions, would Sir Donald Bradman have scored as many runs if played with a leg-gully or 9-slips?
Australian Cricket Tours - Eden Gardens, Calcutta (Kolkata) See Through The Late-Afternoon Haze Across The Maidan After The 2nd Test Match, Australia vs India 2001

Australia Vs India, Eden Gardens, Calcutta 2001

The 2nd Test Match between Australia and India at Eden Gardens, Calcutta (Kolkata) 2001 is the most incredible example of Test Cricket resilience, patience, and belief. It remains my most memorable.
Australian Cricket Tours - Lisa Busst Playing Cricket In Front Of The Taj Mahal On Our Australia Test Cricket Tour To India

Australian Women's Test Cricket Captains

Since 1934 the Australian Women's National Test Cricket Team has played just 74 Tests under the leadership of 20 Captains. These are the last 11 Aussie Heroines of the ever-growing women's game.
Australian Cricket Tours - The Hair On This Gentleman In Nagpur Was So Frizzed It Almost Reached Shoulder Tip To Shoulder Tip | Nagpur | India

The Orange City, Nagpur

Tour games allow a 'soft' introduction to a country especially an Australian Cricket Tour to India. In 2001 we travelled 16 hours by Indian Railways to watch a 3-day draw against India A.
Australian Cricket Tours - The Crowd In Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, On The Australian Test Cricket Tour Of India 2001

An India Introduction

Before 'Waving The Flag' went live on Feb 14, several blogs had been written ready for publishing, including this. Reading this 20 years later was painful. Full of present & future tenses, thankfully it's now all past!
Australian Cricket Tours - Australia Test Cricket Tour To South Africa 2018 | Scoreboard At Newlands Showing The Over-Rate Is 'Level' When The Game Was 10 Overs Behind Schedule | Cape Town

90 Overs In One Day

ODI's & T20's are by and large played strictly to their limited-overs format, but why isn't Test Cricket strictly played to its format of 90-overs in one day? Too often the humble spectator gets ripped off, without apology!
Australian Cricket Tours - Cricket Club Cafe | Colombo | Sri Lanka

Cricket Club Cafe

As cliche as it sounds, you cannot ever visit Sri Lanka without visiting the Cricket Club Cafe, Colombo, a dining room display of cricketing treasures and memories from across the world.

Australian Cricket Tours - Nepotists Cricket Club Playing Cricket On Frogmore Field, Home Ground Of Royal Household Cricket Club Inside The Grounds Of Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England

Cricket Grounds Of London

With 1,423+ cricket grounds in London, you don't have to go far to ask an umpire for middle & leg. Some are public parks, whilst others are beautifully manicured ovals loved to the point of divorce. Here's 10 favourite Cricket Grounds of London!