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List Of Test Cricket Grounds

The View Of The Melbourne Cricket Ground (The MCG), Test Cricket's First Test Cricket Ground, Taken From High Up In The Ponsford Stand | Australian Cricket Tours

As one with a preference for Test Cricket, I am disappointed by how swiftly the number of new venues hosting the longer-format of the great game grows year-on-year. Traditional smaller and very historical test cricket grounds are discarded in lieu of cricket stadiums that often prove just too big for the game. It's OK to build or redeveloped venues to accommodate the proliferation of T20 and One-Day events, but not at the expense of well-established decades-old if not centuries-old, test cricket grounds. Many of which are my favourite test cricket grounds!

Test cricket's newest venue was commissioned in Oct 2019; the 41st new test cricket ground this century. In the previous 123 years only 80 venues had hosted test cricket, of which 14 only hosted 1-Test! Of the 41 since 2000, eight too have only (yet) hosted 1-Test. Rhetorically, what is the point of taking the most revered format of the game from a traditional ground to play it in a remote stadium that (may) never host test cricket again?

To know where the great game has been played since 1877, this is the FULL LIST OF TEST CRICKET GROUNDS



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