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Pakistan Jingle Buses

Australian Cricket Tours - A Jingle Bus On The Streets Of Peshawar, Pakistan


'Jingle Buses' (and Jingle Trucks) of Pakistan are in themselves worthy of the visit to this fascinating country, where the Australian Cricket Team Tours in 2022. The lavishly detailed decoration serve as a reminder to the drivers (who spend vast lengths of time on the road) of home. Like many regional customs, a trained eye will know a Karachi Jingle Bus from a Rawalpindi Jingle Bus, from a Lahori Jingle Bus. For us, they are all spectacular. The term comes from the noise they make as the chains of steel discs & pendants that hang from the bumpers drag along the paved surfaces. In the late night quiet you hear them coming from afar. Costing thousands of dollars to decorate, the pennies that drivers charge to transport you in ultra high definition technicolour is indeed worth a good dollar!

**For those in Melbourne, the Karachi W11 Tram is at the Melbourne Tram Museum. For the 2006 Commonwealth Games Cultural Festival, instead of being scrapped, Tram Z1 81 was decorated in the style of the W11 mini-bus route in Karachi. Five Pakistani 'jingle bus and truck' artistans came to Melbourne to decorate the vehicle with fluoro stickers, tassels, stainless steel and lights**

Australian Cricket Tours - A Jingle Bus On The Streets Of Peshawar, Pakistan Australian Cricket Tours - A Jingle Truck In Rawalpindi, Pakistan

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