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Pakistan 2022

Australia in Pakistan 2022: 8 Nights Per Test

Dates: February - April 2022

Example Hotels:

Per Person Per Test From:

  • Twin GBP£890 (A$1590)
  • Single GBP£1290 (A$2290)
    • Mid-Market Rates On
    • 2021 Prices And Subject To Change

Deposit: £150 (AUD$270) Per Person

Visit: Pakistan Tourism

Research: Travel To & Through Pakistan

Australia vs Pakistan 2022

'Australia in Pakistan' is not a common thread in cricket talk. Last touring in 1998, Mark Taylor's Bradman equaling 334 in Peshawar now the myth of legend & folklore. Playing 'home cricket' in the UAE for much of the last 20 years, Pakistan is ready to play at home again; so Australia's Cricket Tour of Pakistan 2022 will be met with great anticipation and impatience, and not only by us!

Photo 1: Gateway Arch To The Khyber Pass
Photo 2: Soldier At The Wagah Border 

Australian Cricket Tours - The Gateway Arch To The Khyber Pass, Peshawar, Pakistan Australian Cricket Tours - Pakistani Soldier At Wagah After The Border Closing Ceremony

The Pakistan people have missed a lot of cricket and I believe we owe it to them to support the return of cricket in Pakistan and Australia playing will no doubt build great desire by the locals to be at the games. Being part of what we hope will be big, excited, and happy crowds will add dynamic to a spectacular experience that is framed by Pakistan's famed hospitality.

When you tour in Feb-Mar 2022, we will have been to Pakistan 6-times, including our preparation visit before your trip. A research visit ensures we have the most relevant information about Australia's much-anticipated cricket tour to share with you.

Photo 1: Friends Laughing At Me In Peshawar
Photo 2: Two Friends Loving Their Photo Taken

Australian Cricket Tours - Pakistani Boys In The Markets of Peshawar, Pakistan Australian Cricket Tours - Two Happy Laughing Friends In Peshawar, Pakistan

We won't know the schedule until late 2021 but plan to visit from the last week of Feb until the 1st week of April for 2 Tests, 3 ODI's, & 3 T20's against Pakistan and 3 ODI's against Afghanistan. We could have 6 weeks in this vast, cricket-loving country including 9 days in the cool North and 3 days 'up the Khyber'!

Included In Your Hotel Test Tour:

  • Airport Meet & Greet
  • Return Airport-Hotel Transfers
  • 8 Nights 4 or 5 Star Hotel Per Test
  • Full Breakfast Daily
  • Hotel Lounge Access Incl. Dinner/Snacks
  • Complimentary Laundry Daily
  • Complimentary Bottled Water Daily
  • Dinner Party The Night Before Each Test
  • Match Tickets To All 5-Days Of Each Test
  • Transfers To & From Each Day's Play
  • All Required Rail Travel Between Cities 
  • Bent Banani Floral Shirts Per Test
  • Day Trips TBC On Release Of Schedule 
  • 1 Lonely Planet Travel Guide To Pakistan
  • Dinner Party On Day 5 Of Each Test
  • Our 27 Years Cricket Travelling Experience

Included In Your Match Ticket & Dinner Option:

  • Dinner Party On The Night Before Each Test
  • Match Tickets To All 5-Days Of Each Test
  • 2 Bent Banani Floral Shirts Per Test
  • Dinner Party On Day 5 Of Each Test

Photo 1: Old Anarkali Food Street, Lahore
Photo 2: Old Anarkali Food Street, Lahore

Australian Cricket Tours - Old Anarkali Food Street, Lahore Australian Cricket Tours - Old Anarkali Food Street, Lahore, Pakistan

Included In Your Hotel ODI / T20 Tour:

  • 7 or 8 Nights 4 or 5 Star Hotel Per 3 Games
  • Return Airport-Hotel Transfers
  • Full Breakfast Daily
  • Hotel Lounge Access Incl. Dinner/Snacks
  • Match Tickets To All Games
  • Transfers To & From Each Day's Play
  • All Required Rail Travel Between Cities

What Is Not Included In Your Pakistan Tour:

  • Inbound International Flights
  • Domestic Flights Between Cricket Cities
  • Anything Else Not Listed

Photo 1: Grand Trunk Road Pindi - South East
Photo 2: Grand Trunk Road Pindi - North West

Australian Cricket Tours - The Grand Trunk Road, 'Distance Sign' Heading South East, Rawalpindi, Pakistan Australian Cricket Tours - The Grand Trunk Road 'Distance Sign' Heading North West, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Pakistan is an uncut gem. From sprawling Karachi on the Arabian Sea in the South, through the Sindh Desert to the tombs and tiles of Multan, and on to the Mughal wonder of Lahore. Grand Trunk Road from India cuts north-west through Lahore to the bazaars of Rawalpindi, and the pulsating markets of Peshawar before passing through famed Khyber Pass into Afganistan. Pakistan is a wealth of ancient and natural wonders, especially 'the North'.

You can't visit Pakistan and not see the Karakoram Ranges, home to the world's 2nd highest peak. Lush fields, deep valleys, giant peaks, and vast lakes frame the Karakoram Highway. The 8th wonder of the world, part of the ancient Silk Road travelled by Marco Polo, has carried caravans of smugglers, commerce, cartels, and contraband to and from China for centuries. Unmissable, we have an 8-night trip to the splendour of the North after the cricket.

Photo 1: Kids Amazed At Seeing Their Photo
Photo 2: Heading Up To The Khyber Pass

Australian Cricket Tours - Pakistani Kids Amazed At Seeing Themselves On A Camera, Dhobi Ghat, Karachi, Pakistan Australian Cricket Tours - Heading To The Khyber Pass, The Famous Winding Road View Point Through The Hindu Kush Mountains, Pakistan

Included In Your 8 Night Tour To The North:

  • All Road Travel From Islamabad
  • Flight From Gilgit To Islamabad
  • 1-Night Hotel In Besham
  • 3-Nights Hotel Resort In Gilgit
  • 4-Nights Hotel Resort In Hunza
  • All Meals - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Bottomless Bottled Water
  • Qualified Tour Guides & Drivers
  • All Entrance Fees
  • Driving The Karakoram Highway Visiting Famous Forts, Parks, Peaks, Pastures, Rivers, And Lakes, As Far As The China Border
  • Full Detailed Itinerary Here

Pakistan is waiting to be discovered, with a rich history and culture to be experienced and enjoyed by many who are constantly deterred by security and political unrest. Pakistan Tourism heavily promoted 'Destination Pakistan 2007', even hosting myself for two weeks to help build tour numbers in the following year. It was not to be!

Photo 1: Not Much Window To See Out Off
Photo 2: The Bus Drivers Love Their Photo Taken

Australian Cricket Tours - The Limited View For The Driver Through His 'Jingle Bus' Windscreen, Rawalpindi, Pakistan Australian Cricket Tours - The Pakistani Bus Drivers Love Having Their Photos Taken, As Proved By This Broad Smiling Guy

Sadly, 'security' cancelled Australia's 2008 Cricket Tour but after detailed security improvement in recent years, international cricket will return to Pakistan. Australia's 2022 Cricket Tour could be your 'once in a lifetime' opportunity to visit and watch cricket in this incredible country.

I hope the Test Matches will be played in Lahore & Rawalpindi, for convenience, though Karachi at the other end of the country would be good. After 26 years of touring, it remains anyone's guess but we will be prepared to host you no matter where.

Photo 1: Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore
Photo 2: Pindi Cricket Ground, Rawalpindi

Australian Cricket Tours - Gaddafi Cricket Stadium, Lahore, Pakistan Australian Cricket Tours - Pindi Cricket Ground, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Away From The Game:

Karachi has the Pakistan Air Force Museum, the Maritime Museum, and Jinnah Mausoleum, whereas Clifton BeachBoat Basin, and Zamzama are the places to be seen. Out of town, you would love to see unbelievable Makli Necropolis.

Photo 1: Enjoying Low Tide On Clifton Beach
Photo 2: Aircraft At Pakistan Maritime Museum

Australian Cricket Tours - Low Tide On Clifton Beach, Karachi, Pakistan Australian Cricket Tours - Aircraft At The Pakistan Maritime Museum, Karachi, Pakistan

One of Pakistan's prime cricketing centres, Multan has a beautiful stadium I'd be lucky to watch cricket at. Not a tourist hotspot, the shrines, mosques, and tile-work are as amazing as the views from Qasim Bagh where Australia played Test Cricket in 1982.

Photo 1: Qasim Bagh Stadium, Multan
Photo 2: Multan Cricket Stadium

Australian Cricket Tours - Qasim Bagh Cricket Stadium, Multan, Pakistan Australian Cricket Tours - Multan Cricket Stadium, Multan, Pakistan

1000-year-old capital of Punjab, Lahore was the centre of the Mughal Empire. Majestic monuments, palaces, gardens, and fort sit juxtaposed with British Empire legacies. General Post Office, University, and High Court is architectural beauty across this dynamic city, 20km from India.

Photo 1: Lahore Fort
Photo 2: Lahore Museum

Australian Cricket Tours - Lahore Fort, Pakistan Australian Cricket Tours - Lahore Museum, Pakistan

Join us in Lahore and we'll take you to India for the border closing ceremony at Wagah. The chest pumping, brow furling, and feather dusting of proud soldiers who slam the gates shut between the super-powers amid the chorus of respective anthems, flag-waving, and jeers, is to behold!

Photo 1: Soldier At The Wagah Border Gates
Photo 2: Soldiers Marching To Close The Border

Australian Cricket Tours - A Pakistani Soldier At The Gate Of Wagah Border Crossing, Wagah, Pakistan Australian Cricket Tours - Soldiers Marching In To Close The Border Gates At Wagah, Pakistan

Rawalpindi is far more frantic than its Capital City sister, Islamabad, barely 15km north, with history & handicrafts in which to delve. Gold & silver jewellery, linens, and Kashmiri carpets can be haggled over in Raja, Kashmiri, Saddar, Sarafa, and Moti Bazaars, in the home of our beloved Murree Brewery.

Photo 1: Having Tea In The Markets Of Pindi
Photo 2: Buy A Rug In The Markets Of Pindi

Australian Cricket Tours - Tea Seller In The Markets Of Rawalpindi, Pakistan Australian Cricket Tours - Carpet Shopping In Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Peshawar is reserved for romanticizing of the Khyber Pass and treasures in the frenzied Old City bazaars where anything can be bargained off the shelf, basket, wall, or floor. If it's not there, it will be made, paid, sought, or brought for you. We won't play here, but we will host a trip to this incredible city, and take a journey ‘up the Khyber’!

Photo 1: A Young Fruit Seller In Peshawar
Photo 2: An Older Fruit Seller In Peshawar

Australian Cricket Tours - Young Boy Selling Fruit In The Markets Of Peshawar, Pakistan Australian Cricket Tours - Fruit  Seller In The Markets Of Peshawar, Pakistan

Back To The Game:

We are focussed on ensuring you have a deservedly amazing time by being prepared. We’ll bring you safely together at the game in a land not for the faint-hearted. We do not pretend this is Barbados. You can join us for 1 or 2 Tests, all ODI's & T20's, in Peshawar, the journey north, twin share or single. Piece it together as you wish.

Included In Your 3 Night Tour To Peshawar:

  • Train Journey From Lahore/Pindi & Back
  • 3 Nights At Pearl Continental Hotel (TBC)
  • Breakfast & Dinner Daily
  • Guided Walking Tour Of Peshawar
  • Guided Drive Up The Khyber Pass

Photo 1: One Cool Gentleman In Peshawar
Photo 2: Taking Aim With The Khyber Riflemen

Australian Cricket Tours - One Cool Looking Gentleman In The Markets Of Peshawar, Pakistan Australian Cricket Tours - Taking Aim At The Khyber Riflemen's Target Ground, Peshawar, Pakistan

We will have 8-nights per Test & for each 3 ODI/T20 in lovely hotels with two-way airport transfers. We will get you to & from each game and pending the schedule, may include day-trips such as visiting Makli Necropolis from Karachi or UNESCO ruins of Taxila from Islamabad/Pindi, but most likely we will leave preferred city sightseeing to you.

Photo 1: A Jingle Bus From The Outside
Photo 2: A Jingle Bus From The Inside

Australian Cricket Tours - Take A Jingle Bus To Get Places With Colour In Pakistan Australian Cricket Tours - Inside A Jingle Bus In Pakistan

If need be we will travel overnight in our private rail 'saloon' between Lahore/Pindi and Karachi, though you are welcome to fly if you prefer. Travel between Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Peshawar will be done by rail as there is no domestic air travel for these very short journeys that will be included.

This is a tour we openly encourage you to take our hotel tour for 'safety in numbers' rather our match ticket & dinner option and staying elsewhere. It's not just the hotel, but we get you to & from the airport safely, between cities conveniently, to & from the cricket simply, and help you enjoy incredible sights.

Photo 1: Playing Snooker In Multan
Photo 2: Playing Snooker In Multan

Australian Cricket Tours - The Game Of Snooker Is Very Popular In Pakistan, Even Outdoors Such As On The Roadside Here In Multan Australian Cricket Tours - The Game Of Snooker Is Very Popular In Pakistan, Even Outdoors Such As  In The Markets Of Rawalpindi

We will introduce you to others with whom you can explore cities and surrounds with, or to accompany you on personal errands. This could be the only time you see Australia play cricket in Pakistan so let us help you do it comfortably & safely in the company of great people on this unique adventure.

Photo 1: Match Day Catering In Pindi
Photo 2: Chickens On The Spit In Peshawar

Australian Cricket Tours - Samosa Sellers At Pindi Cricket Ground, Rawalpindi, Pakistan Australian Cricket Tours - Grilled Chicken Is One Of The Most Popular Foods In Pakistan. This Fellow Has 36 Chickens On The Spit

Like all tours, if travelling alone and you book ‘twin share’, you will be partnered with another lone cricket aficionado for a roommate. If you prefer privacy, book ‘single’ and you will have your own room. If travelling as a 'couple' just book 'double share' and you will have a room with one bed.

If you are travelling independently our match ticket option includes dinner the night before the Test (when you will get your match tickets) and dinner on the night of Day 5. This allows you to enjoy the cricket affordably, and with awesome people.

Photo 1: Silhouetted At Pindi Cricket Ground
Photo 2: Directions To The Cricket In Multan

Australian Cricket Tours - Alone At The Game In Pindi. Standing At The Top Of The Stand, Silhouetted By The Setting Sun Australian Cricket Tours - The Signpost Pointing To The 'Cricket Stadium' In Multan

This will be an amazing cricket tour that I wish was Feb - Mar 2021 such is our excitement, but we will happily wait. With over 12 months to daydream, ponder, and prepare, we trust you will do that same and ask many questions that we will gladly answer.

Thank You,