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India Test Match Tickets

Australian Cricket Tours - Indian Street Food Is Brilliant, Especially The Quick & Easy Bread Omelee Being Made Here In Agra

Australian Test Cricket Tour To India 2023

Tour: Match Tickets & Drinks
Where: India
When: Feb - Mar 2023
Per Test: A$240
Deposit: £5 (A$10)
Book: NOW
Visit: Incredible India

Before going on the Australian Cricket Tour to the West Indies 1995, without any travel experience, we considered doing an escorted tour. The brochure arrived in the post and a price tag of near $10000pp for 2 Tests was a quick deterrent.

Thus, we hit the West Indies booking flights & hostels as we went and buying match tickets at the gate. This approach to cricket travel continued even after we started hosting tours in 2001.

We now host tours well above the prices & standards that we started with, but still far below the eye-watering prices of 1995. We still appreciate that you may not need 4 or 5 Star hotels, be driven to/from the game, or be escorted so to speak. You just want to go to the cricket.

You may have friends or family to stay with, have a hotel loyalty programme, or need to travel on a budget as we did near 30 years ago, and would still like to join us at the cricket. Thus, our Match Ticket & Drinks package is for you:

  • Pre-Test Match Drinks Party
  • Tickets To All 5-Days Of Each Test
  • 1 'Australia In India 2023' Shirt

  • ODI's Are Match Tickets Only

  • We remove your hassle of buying match tickets, especially in India when they are not sold at the venue, by including these in our 'match ticket & drinks' package, allowing you to watch cricket with great people, yet remain independent. Many friendships over the last 20 years have been forged in the terraces and we are sure there are more to come.

    This package includes one drinks party the night before each Test, 1 commemorative shirt, and all-important match tickets so you won't miss out as many did in Cape Town 2018; the first three days SOLD OUT. We were hit with calls and emails asking for tickets, but we too were sold out.

    There are 1.4b Indians that may want to see cricket in Wankhede Stadium that only holds 33,000. Do the maths to decide the risk of not having tickets before you arrive.

    All you need to do is come for drinks, grab your match tickets, have a great night, and join us at the game the next day. Easy!

    Please, if you're not booking any of our Australian Cricket Tours To India 2023, do not ask where or how to buy match tickets!

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