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India 2023

Australian Test Cricket Tour To India 2023

Hotel Tours: 8 Nights Per Test
Where: As Above
Matches: 4 Tests | 3 ODI's
Per Test Twin PP: A$1950 - A$2400
Per Test Single PP: A$2600 - A$3400

Visit: Incredible India

"Everything you need to know about the tour is included on the pages below and on each city page (at the bottom or main navigation). Please, take the time to read it to know what you are getting for your investment in our amazing trip. Thanks."

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Introduction To Cricket In India

After what feels like an eterninty, it is time for Test Cricket in Incredible India. Australia's last Test Cricket Tour to India was Feb 2017 though smashing India in the 1st Test by 333 runs, Australia lost the Border-Gavaskar Trophy to India 2-1. That was not the only time we have seen Australia on the wrong side of the scoreboard in India, but win or lose, we love touring India.

India is captivating, inspiring, and colourful, stadiums frenzied cauldrons of passion and patriotism. Even losing can leave you happy because of mind-blowing experiences, which until recently have been often.

We had a great run Test touring in 1998, 2001, 2004, 2008, 2010, 2013, and 2017. So after 6 years, we're all the more excited to return to this remarkable country.

India is a world of sights, sounds, scents, & wonders and why we've travelled to India 19 times. We want to share our next Australian Cricket Tour to India with you, with straight-forward and affordable Tours, that include the tour game, 4 Test matches, Rajasthan, 3 ODI's, domestic flights, and Indian Railways.

Our Australian Cricket Tour to India 2023 will be our 20th visit to India.

Elaborately Painted And Decorated Elephant At Jaipur Elephant Festival | Jaipur | Rajasthan | India | Australian Cricket Tours

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  • Australian Cricket Tours In India

    We have toured India since Cricket World Cup 1996, and were the first to host an Australian Cricket Tour to India, in 2001; the famous 'follow-on' Test of Kolkata. Our tour inspired others to brave India in 2004 and they've been following our suit ever since.

    What separates ACT from others groups is our experience, knowledge, and comfort touring India, and the passion we have for watching Australia play cricket overseas. We're watching Cricket in India 2023 whether you join us or not.

    We don't operate on minimum numbers when it comes to Australian Test Cricket Tours. We love the game, we love India, and what we do is about making it easier for you to do the same. Further to that separation, is our preparation.

    Along with the UAE and Holland, we have been to every test cricket nation Australia has competed (including all 10 Caribbean nations) many times, yet always re-visit to refresh our knowledge. Hotels change. Prices change. Transport changes. Communications change. Areas change. Stadiums change. Very little stays the same, especially in India, and why it is important for us to know the change, for your benefit.

    We tour each city well-before the first ball so we know where you are going, to get a feel of street life around the hotel & ground, what is about, and where to go.

    Even if you've been to India, we may be playing in new venues so our learning about each city before we go can only make your time in this crazy country far better. Imagine if you've never been?

    And just as things in India change, so do we. We always do different things, and do the same things differently each tour; albeit choosing a different hotel.

    When we first hosted an India tour in 2001 we stayed in rudimentary hotels close to the cricket grounds, and did little else. Now we stay in 4- or 5-star hotels, include airport transfers, 1st Class Indian Railways, dinner parties, side-trips, apparel, and so much more.

    India Flags At Attari Border | India Pakistan Flag Lowering Ceremony | India | Australian Cricket Tours

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  • India Cricket Tour 2023

    When you join our Australian Cricket Tour of India our goal is to make your brief time in this vast country, as hassle-free and straight-forward as possible. In India, hassles are normal but tempered when enjoyed with great people.

    Though capable of 'doing it themselves', many join us tour after tour not because they need their hand held, but because they love watching cricket with the guys & girls that tour with us, year after year. We focus on bringing people together at the game, safely and comfortably.

    We create city-by-city hotel tours, that start when you arrive in India. We don't include flights to India as people join us from across the world, on preferred airlines at different times. It's up to you to travel to and from India to suit your time with us.

    Each Test will be an 8 night tour and you are welcome at any or all. Many will do all 4 Tests, but perhaps you can only do the 2nd & 3rd, or just the 1st or 4th Test. It's up to you.

    Appreciating not everyone wants 4 star or 5 star comfort (we didn't when we started!), we also have a Match Ticket & Drinks Package, making it easier for you to remain independent yet still enjoy Australian Cricket in India.

    Mahatma Gandhi Statue | Marina Beach | Chennai | India | Australian Cricket Tours

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  • When Is India 2023

    Even though our Australian Cricket Tour to India 2023, has been confirmed, there has not been an Australian Cricket Tour to India that the 'confirmed schedule' has not changed. If it does, we will feverishly rework the tour ASAP, as we did in 2001, 2004, 2008, 2013, and 2017!

    We endeavour to learn as much about schedule changes before they happen but do know that Indian schedules change without warning. We can't help these, so please, like some have before, do not blame us for the inner-workings of the BCCI that effect your confirmed travel plans. They effect ours too.

    Entrance To New Delhi Railway Station | Pahar Ganj | New Delhi | India | Australian Cricket Tours

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  • Hotels In India

    Where available we stay in 4 or 5 star hotels, enjoying tireless Indian hospitality and guest services. The difference between a 4-star and 5-star hotel is the level of guest service and size of the entrance fountain, not necessarily the bed-sheet thread count.

    **In Dharamsala we will stay in 3-star hotels only. The three 4 or 5 star hotels are at least 45mins drive to/from the ground, and isolated in the forests.**

    Once the schedule is confirmed our preferred hotel may not have availability, or has an uncomfortable price tag, so we may not have a rooftop restaurant or pool.

    Of course, we like to stay as close to the ground as possible, so you can walk, take a rickshaw, or metro at your leisure. There's no point living on Juhu Beach if it takes an hour to reach Wankhede Stadium in South Mumbai. Conversely, hotels near Wankhede are a lot more expensive, but you can walk to the game, so you 'pay for convenience'. If venues are 5km+ away, match transfers are included.

    We consider many factors when choosing a hotel and we ask you to trust our decision. We post links to the hotels we are staying for you to research or even book for yourself, but do know we are in India for the cricket, not the quality of chocolates on the pillow.

    Baby Taj Mahal | Agra | India | Australian Cricket Tours

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  • Tour Inclusions

    Included In Your Hotel Test Tour:

  • Two-Way Airport To Hotel Transfers
  • 8 Nights 4 or 5 Star Hotel Per Test
  • 3-Star Hotels In Dharamsala Only
  • Full Breakfast Daily
  • Drinks Party On Day 0
  • Tickets To All 5-Days Of Each Test
  • Match Day Transfers If Required
  • Commemorative Apparel
  • Drinks Party On Day 5
  • Nightly Entertainment Options
  • Day Trip If The Test Ends Early
  • Our 27 Years Touring Service

  • Included In Match Tickets Tour:

  • Tickets To All 5-Days Of Each Test
  • Drinks Party On Day 0 Of Each Test
  • Drinks Party On Day 5 Of Each Test
  • Commemorative Apparel

  • Match Tickets To Each ODI
  • Drinks Party The Night Before Each ODI

  • Inside Red Fort | Agra | India | Australian Cricket Tours

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  • Cricket Tickets In India 2023

    The great experience of cricket in India is immersing in the noise and atmosphere, and enjoying stadium 'street food'. You get none of that when in an AC Box. We love being part of the enthusiasm of Indian cricket crowds and encourage you to do the same.

    • Alcohol Is Not Served In Any Indian Cricket Venue

    When you join us in India we will buy from each venue on your behalf match tickets to all 5 days of each test. We will not buy day-by-day tickets, so please do not ask. If you only want to come for 2 or 3 days, buy our Match Ticket Package and then donate any unwanted tickets to kids, your taxi driver, or hotel staff, etc... .

    Match tickets will be in covered stands and (as best we can) shaded for much if not all the day. Many grounds in India have little to no roof, or very high rooves that can let in a lot of sun. Even when shaded, early morning or late afternoon sun may peek under the roof in some venues.

    Test Cricket starts at 0930am so 'early morning' sun is just that. If we can't sit straight up and down the wicket, we sit at 'fine-leg/third man' on the western side (so the sun goes behind us).

    • If any day is washed out or the game ends early, there is no ticket refund.

    Crowd Gathering At The India Pakistan Border Gates | Attari | India | Australian Cricket Tours

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  • Day Trips In India 2023

    India is an amazing country with sights, sounds, festivals, and fanfare in most cities and regions, most of the time. India is huge and it is impossible to see everything, especially with cricket in the way.

    This is why we don't include day-trips. We otherwise let you decide how to spend your day before or after each Test. If a test match ends early we may create a day trips to invest the spare time, but these will be optional and payable at the time.

    You are welcome to go where you like. We do not lock you into spending any more time with us than you want, but we hope you join our Royal Rajasthan Tour between the 2nd & 3rd Test Matches

    The Golden Temple | Amritsar | India | Australian Cricket Tours
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  • Taj Mahal In India 2023

    On every Australian Cricket Tour to India, we have visited the Taj Mahal with a 3-4 night stay in Agra between the 2nd and 3rd Test matches.

    In 2023 we won't. Well, not for 3 nights but we will go.

    No matter how often we visit this stunning monument, I doubt anyone would not want to see it again if given the chance. Rather than stay in Agra for 3 nights, again, we will stop in Agra for 5 hours on our 5 night Royal Rajasthan Tour. This gives ample time to absorb this marble wonder.

    If you don't join us in Rajasthan, the Gatimaan Express between New Delhi and Agra only takes 100mins. You can leave your Delhi at 8am and be back by 8pm. This is the easiest way to see The Taj when in New Delhi!

    Many airlines fly direct to Agra from major cities, but if your time in India is limited we suggest booking your flights to/from New Delhi so you can whip to and from Agra on arrival or before departure. 

    Luke Gillian Looking At Taj Mahal From Banks Of Yamuna River | Agra | India | Australian Cricket Tours

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  • Indian Railways

    Forget what you think you know about Indian Railways if you've never travelled on India's giant life-line. It's not trains with 000's of people sitting on the roof, hanging out of doors & windows. It's not. From high-speed luxury first class, to slow long-distance mail trains, the spectrum is broad, fascinating, and a very safe way to traverse India.

    Based on what we know about 2023, we won't use Indian Railways to travel between tests. Recent experience (Oct 2022) revealed that even 1st Class AC is not a consistent standard that we feel comfortable with.

    Nonetheless, training across India is brilliant and over the last near 27 years, we have taken many incredible adventures and photos. In 2001 we had 272 epic hours on the rails between 3 Tour Games, 3 Tests, & 5 ODI's from Feb 17 to April 6 ending in Goa; an incredible place to finish a tour!

    If you buy our Match Ticket Package and want to travel between cities by train, we can book your tickets. Unlike 2001 when we slummed in mass-market Sleeper Class with a sleeping bag and one eye open, we recommend you only travel in First Class Air-Con (1A) private compartments with bedding included. The most you will pay between test venues is approx A$60 overnight for a very safe and comfortable ride.

    Indian Railways Approaching Chandigarh Railway Station | Chandigarh | Punjab | India | Australian Cricket Tours

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  • Booking India 2023

    Our Australian Cricket Tour To India 2023 is ready for you to book, using the links below. Full payment is required at the time of booking.

    India is an outstanding country to travel and watch cricket and we will be thrilled to help you experience this amazing nation for the first time or even again. If you have queries about our Australian Cricket Tour To India 2023, please ask!

    Many thanks!

    Australian Cricket Tour Guests At Agra Railway Station | Agra | India | Australian Cricket Tours

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