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India Tourist Visa Information

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The process for getting an India Tourist Visa is so easy, you need not even get out of your pyjamas. The same detailed, ancient, information is required, short of uploading a video of your birth, but you do it all online. The process can be longer than the issuance, but importantly, if officials have no questions, you will have an India Tourist Visa within 1-2 days.

Important facts to know:

  • Australian passports require an e-visa to enter India for multiple entries up to 90 days on a 1-year or 5-year visa. Multiple entry 30 day e-visas are available. Apply only on the India Government Visa Website.

  • 30 Day US$25 / 1 Year US$40 / 5-Year US$80
    • All Nations Visa Fees Here

  • Visas only take 1-2 days to be issued and are valid from the day they are issued

  • If you apply for a 30-days visa now, and it will expire before the Test Match in Dharamsala has started

That visa link above is the only one to use, as there are many others purporting to be the official website. Though you will still get a visa from others, all you are doing is feeding information to a 3rd party, who go online, apply and obtain your India Tourist Visa for a healthy mark-up.

If visiting India for only 1-2 weeks, a 30 day visa is adequate however the process for that short stint is just as laborious as applying for a 5-year visa, which we suggest you get.

You may not have plans to visit India again soon, but as the 5-year visa only costs twice as much as a one year visa, you will already have a visa for your Australian Cricket Tour to India 2027. The 5-year visa creates more travel and transit options through India too, without needing a visa.

For example, in the next 2-5 years you may find convenient Qantas flights to New Delhi and then with British Airways to London or Finnair to Helsinki and and other European cities. Either can give you a few days in India or a simple transit without the worry. We suggest you hang the mild added expense and avoid the hassle for another 6 years.

Onto your application.

1 - You will be asked for each country you have been in the last 10 years. Yes, 10 years! If you enjoyed our Australian Cricket Tour to Pakistan 2022, you may be asked why you went, and a series of other questions. Do not lie. If you went to Pakistan, say you went to Pakistan. If you don't remember all nations travelled, list a handful and move on to the next.

2 - You need to provide a contact name and number in India. For our Australian Cricket Tour To India 2023, please use:

Dashmeet Dheer
Distinct Destinations
123 AltF | 7th Floor
Mehrauli-Gurgaon Rd
Sector 26
Haryana 122002
Ph: +91 98184 01791

You may need to abbreviate the above but so long as you a name and number, you are cool.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not the tour operator. You are travelling independently to India. You can leave that field blank.

3 - You are asked to apply for an India Tourist Visa before booking travel, thus they ask for 'your intended arrival date'. If you haven't booked flights just answer as required, otherwise state the date you land.

  • Your India Tourist Visa may be valid from the date of issue, not your arrival date, so don't apply too early
  • You can only apply for a 30-Day visa within one month of your intended arrival

4 - If you have been to India, they ask for your previous visa number and dates. Our previous visit was in an old passport so put the month and year of previous travel and in 'visa number' field wrote 'No idea, it is in previous passport'.

5 - When taking your photograph, hold your phone horizontal. Do not take your photo in portrait. The system wants a square photo, which you can't achieve in portrait

The above are the primary points, with the rest self-explanatory. Get all that right and like us, within 2 days, one 5-year India Tourist Visa will be issued.

If you change passports, the visa remains valid. You need to travel with the original passport, with the original visa arrival stamp, for the duration of the visa.

For Further Visa Or Consular Information:

Good Luck Everybody, and travel well to Incredible India.

*If you experience a detail you feel we should include on this page, please let us know