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India 2022

Australian Test Cricket Tour To India 2022

**This Tour Will Now Be Played Feb - Mar 2023**


Hotel Tours: 8 Nights Per Test
Where: Possible Cities Below
When: Feb - Mar, 2023
Matches: 4 Tests
Per Test From: A$1800pp
Deposit: £5 (A$10)
Book: NOW
Visit: Incredible India

It's time again for Test Cricket in Incredible India. Australia's last cricket tour to this dazzling land was in Feb 2017. After winning the 1st Test in Pune by 333 runs, Australia couldn't capitalise and lost the Border-Gavaskar Trophy to India 2-1.

When Australia Tours India in 2022, we will not have won a Test series in India since Michael Clarke's debut in 2004, and before that was 1969. Thus, we want to change that 'win once every 52 years' with your support at the 4-Test Match Series in Oct-Nov 2022 in this amazing country.

Australian Cricket Tours - Indian Soldiers Lined Up For The India Pakistan Border Closing Ceremony At Attari

India is captivating, inspiring, and colourful
, with unequal exuberance anywhere in world cricket. The stadiums are frenzied cauldrons of passion and patriotism, bountiful biryani, dodgy seating, stray dogs, and sleeping police. You can go to India and lose yet leave happy because of the mind-blowing experience. If India is performing well, the full whack of packed stadia is breathtaking.

India excites, mesmerises, and baffles your every sense, and that's just trying to get into the cricket. Away from the game, ancient palaces, vast deserts, tranquil waterways, vibrant villages, holy lakes, humbling cities, giant forts, sumptuous foods, holy cows, barking dogs, rail safaris, elephant polo, and chaotic streets will astound you. That too with colonial railway stations of an infamous rail network; Indian Railways carries 23m people on 13,000 daily trains, connecting 7500+ stations.

Australian Cricket Tours - An Elephant Painted With Vivid Colour And Artistry At The Elephant Festival In Jaipur

India is a world of sights, sounds, scents, & wonders that keep you wide-eyed, and why we've travelled to India 18 times. We love India and want to share our next Australian Cricket Tour to India with you, with straight-forward and affordable Tours.

Included In Your Hotel Test Tour:

  • Airport/Station to Hotel Transfers
  • 8* Nights 4 or 5 Star Hotel Per Test
  • Full Breakfast Daily
  • Dinner Party With Drinks Before Each Test
  • Match Tickets To All 5-Days Of Each Test
  • Indian Railways Between Cities*
  • Bent Banani Floral Shirts Per Test
  • Lonely Planet Travel Guide To India
  • Dinner Party With Drinks On Day 5
  • Our 27 Years Cricket Travelling Experience
  • *Your 8th Night May Be On The Rails

  • Included In Your Match Ticket Tour:

  • Dinner Party With Drinks Before Each Test
  • Match Tickets To All 5-Days Of Each Test
  • Bent Banani Floral Shirts Per Test
  • Dinner Party With Drinks On Day 5
  • Lonely Planet Travel Guide To India

    When you join our Australian Cricket Tour of India we make your brief time in this vast country, hassle-free. In India, hassles are normal but tempered when enjoyed with awesome people, some of whom we've travelled with since 1995. Though capable of 'doing it themselves', many that are well-travelled join us year after year because they simply love watching cricket with the guys & girls that tour with us. As we say, we focus on bringing people together at the great game, safely and comfortably.

    Australian Cricket Tours - The Impressive Taj Mahal Seen Through The Trees On Our Cricket Tour Pilgrimage To Agra, India

    In India 2022 we have 8 nights per Test in great hotels (with India's tireless guest-services!) that will collect you from the airport no matter what time you arrive. Like many things in India, where we stay depends on where we play. 3 or 4-star hotels are often the best available, if not just more convenient.

    Cities such as Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and New Delhi have outstanding 5-star hotels, but they may not be best-positioned for the game or post-match enjoyment. Ultimately, we stay at hotels that are convenient for reaching the game, so long as they have a rooftop bar and restaurant; our favourite way to enjoy 'apres-play' in India!

    Australian Cricket Tours - Proud Indian Flags Raised High In The Crowd At The India Pakistan Border Closing Ceremony At Attari

    The night before each Test we'll have a 'roof-top dinner party' including beer, wine, & spirits, and where you will receive your awesome Bent Banani shirts and much-needed match tickets. One of the most important things we do for you is removing the hassle of trying to find that lone outlet, such as a bank, that distributes match tickets. We have that covered, as you will be!

    Your match tickets will be in stands that are covered all day, though a touch of morning or afternoon sun may peek under the roof in some venues. Usually, we sit at 'fine-leg/third man' if not up and down the wicket but it depends on venue ticket distribution. 

    Australian Cricket Tours - The Massive Crowd Waits For The Start Of The Famous India Pakistan Border Closing Ceremony At Attari

    If you are one of the many independent cricket-lovers that prefer a low or no-grade hotel but still want to enjoy the cricket with us, our match tickets & dinner tour is for you. Join us the night before the game for a dinner party when you'll receive your match tickets and shirts. We also have a dinner party on the night of day 5 to celebrate the win, that we cheer for Australia to achieve on Day 3!

    Should the Test end early, we'll suggest places to invest your time if you don't just flop by the pool or tee-up on one of India's spectacular golf courses. Because of such vast choices & interests, we do not include 'sightseeing', leaving what you do, to you.

    Australian Cricket Tours - Inside The Majestic Agra Fort During Our Cricket Tour Pilgrimage To Agra, India

    With all of our Cricket Tours, you can do one Test or all, the 2nd & 3rd, or only the 4th. It's all up to you. With 4-Test Series in India, Australia will play 1 or 2 warm-up games before playing 2 Tests, have a 1-week break, and then play 2 Tests.

    Where we enjoy that break will be determined by where we play. We'd love to 'houseboat', as we did in 2008, on the spectacular Kerala backwaters but only if the 2nd and 3rd Tests are in Chennai and Bengaluru. It takes too long to reach Kochi from New Delhi or Kolkata by train (as our preferred means) though 50+ domestic flights per day land in Kochi, so flying will remain an option... if we don't visit Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

    Australian Cricket Tours - An Indian Couple Sit Aside The Lake At The Golden Temple During Our Cricket Tour Pilgrimage To Amritsar, India

    India is huge and no matter what we do it will be unique such as our Indian Railways Rajasthan Tour after Australia vs Afghanistan in Dehradun. After Kanpur or Lucknow, we can go to holy Varanasi on the Ganges River. If we play in Mohali we'll see the Golden Temple (above), India Pakistan border closing, and take the toy train to Simla.

    Included in our India 2022 sample itinerary, are 4-nights in Andaman & Nicobar Islands after Kolkata and before Bengaluru (direct flights included). We would prefer to 'Indian Railways' across the country but visiting the islands highlights the near endless choice of 'places to go' in India, without the cricket.

    Of course, you are welcome to go where you like. We do not lock you into spending any more time with us than you want. You can enjoy the 2nd Test with us, disappear for the week, and then join us for the 3rd Test. With many ways to invest a week in India, we quietly wait for the schedule before confirming what will be an outstanding (optional) add-on tour.

    Australian Cricket Tours - Playing Cricket On The Yamuna River Behind The Taj Mahal On Our Cricket Tour Pilgrimage To Agra, India


    On Australian Cricket Tours to India past, the break was spent in Agra visiting the Taj Mahal and playing cricket on the Yamuna River (above). In 2022 we won't stay in Agra as a new express train from New Delhi only takes 100mins. If we play in New Delhi, a day-trip to see the Taj, Baby Taj, and Agra Fort is all you need. We will organise this optional trip to confirm train tickets. Otherwise, Agra is easily reached by direct flight from many cities.

    Australian Cricket Tours - The View Of The Railway Tracks From The Doorway Of An Indian Railways Train Journey To Chandigarh, India

    Speaking of train travel, this Cricket Tour to India will see us back on track with Indian Railways between test matches included in our Hotel Tours. In 2001 we spent 272 hours on the rails between 3 Tour Games, 3 Tests, & 5 ODI's, from Feb 17 to April 6. It was EPIC, especially when ending the tour in Goa! If you enjoy our Match Tickets & Dinner Tour, you may need to book your own railway journeys.

    Train journeys will be optional* and mostly overnight pending the schedule; e.g, Bengaluru to Chennai is a 6-hour day train, whereas New Delhi to Chennai is 30 hours. These adventures will be in 2nd Class Air-Con (2A). We'd prefer 1A but with limited seats, we'll use one class with better availability to travel as one.

    *If you prefer to fly to the next city you can. You'll have 8 nights in a hotel or 7 nights in a hotel and 1 night on the train for the same price.

    Australian Cricket Tours - Exquisitely Painted Elephants Parade With Vivid Colour And Artistry At The Elephant Festival In Jaipur


    As with many Australian Cricket Tours to India, we may not know the schedule until much closer to the time, and even then the dates remain fluid. Even 4 weeks before the 1st ball cities & dates are changed, leaving us scrambling for new hotels, flights, and trains. If you tour with us, we will be all over these changes for you. There has not been a Cricket Tour to India that the schedule has not changed so keep that in mind when choosing to go alone or with us.

    Australian Cricket Tours - Two Boys Sit Atop An Ageing Brick Wall Cricket Scoreboard In Jaipur

    Understanding the flippancy of previous tours, the weather in India in October should dictate that our 2022 tour start north in Dharamsala / Mohali / New Delhi, and play south via Kolkata / Nagpur / Mumbai / Hyderabad to end in Bengaluru / Chennai. Should!

    Even without knowing dates, book our Australian Cricket Tour To India Oct 2022 and get ahead of the rest for good reason. If we have to limit numbers because of a late confirmation, booking now will put you on our priority list, especially for Dharamsala, to name one city with small hotel choices.

    With the tour due to be played from the 1st week of Oct to the 1st week of Nov, to help you prepare, we have created this sample India 2022 itinerary. Use the links below to get a great idea of what we will do if we play in those cities.

    Australian Cricket Tours - A Train Sits Idle On A Quiet Rural Railway Station On The Indian Railways Journey To Chandigarh, India

    India is an outstanding country to travel and watch cricket and we will be thrilled to help you experience this amazing tour for the first time or even again.

    If you have any queries about our Australian Cricket Tour To India 2022, please do ask!

    Many thanks!

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