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Pakistan Match Tickets & Dinner Tour

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Australian Cricket Tour To Pakistan 2022

Confirmed Tour Schedule:
1st Test | Rawalpindi | March 4 - 8

2nd Test | Karachi | March 12 - 16
3rd Test | Lahore | March 21 - 25
1st ODI | Rawalpindi | March 29
2nd ODI | Rawalpindi | March 31
3rd ODI | Rawalpindi | April 2
T20I | Rawalpindi | April 5

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"To our friends in Pakistan, thank you for the 1000's of messages and calls, but we cannot help with match tickets.

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We look forward to seeing you again after 24 years!
Thank you!"

Tour: Match Tickets & Dinner
Where: Rawalpindi | Karachi | Lahore | Rawalpindi
When: March 2022
Matches: 3 Tests | 2 ODI's
Per Test PP: £250 or A$490
Cancellation: Policy
Book: NOW
Visit: Pakistan Tourism

When we toured Pakistan 1998 for the Test Series when Mark Taylor equalled Sir Donald Bradman's 334, we had been cricket touring independently for more than 3 years. Independently means frugally!

Maintaining one's cricket touring mindset of not spending money if one didn't have to my mate Brad Wooding and I agreed to meet in Rawalpindi two days before the 1st Test. We didn't discuss at which hotel we'd stay, but Brad and I found each other at Hotel Al Azam by virtue of it being the cheapest hotel listed in the Lonely Planet Travel Guide Pakistan. I assure you, we got what we paid for.

Using March 2021 exchange rates we paid A$2.05c (PKR250) per night, which absurdly did not include breakfast. Nor did it include a shower, but a cold water pipe poking from the wall; that same pipe filled the bucket to flush the toilet pan!

Frugality meant we made 12 calls to the Australian Cricket Team Manager to ask for 'free match tickets'. We finally got through and went to the players' hotel to learn that the phone calls cost more than the tickets. Sometimes it doesn't pay to save!

Though we now stay in hotels above the standards and prices that we enjoyed in 1998, we appreciate you may want to save money by staying elsewhere. You may prefer a different glam hotel or budget-rich Al Azam and still join us at the game, so grab our Match Ticket & Dinner Tour, which includes:

  • Dinner Party The Night Before The Test
    • Soft Drinks Included
  • Match Tickets To All 5-Days Of The Test
  • Commemorative Apparel
  • Lonely Planet Travel Guide To Pakistan
  • Dinner Party On The Night Of Day 5
    • Soft Drinks Included

    We remove the hassle of you buying match tickets by including these in affordable 'match ticket tours' that allow you to land in Pakistan and watch cricket with great people, though we can't vouch for the safety of where you choose to stay. You may look to travel on a tight budget but in unknown Pakistan, you may feel more comfortable spending more to stay with us for the few weeks we'll be there.

    This convenient tour includes dinner parties, apparel, match tickets, and happy nights with us at our hotel bar 'apres-play'. You may not stay with us, but you are still a big part of what we do! All you need to do is turn up for dinner, grab your match tickets, and join us at the game!

    Respectfully, if you are not booking any of our Australian Cricket Tours To Pakistan 2022, please do not ask us to buy match tickets for you!

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