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Sri Lanka Match Tickets & Dinner Tour

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Australian Test Cricket Tour To Sri Lanka 2022

Tour: Match Tickets & Dinner
Where: Sri Lanka
When: June - July 2022
Per Test: A$490 - TBC
Per ODI: A$120 - TBC
Deposit: £5 (A$10)
Book: NOW
Visit: Sri Lanka Tourism

Our first Australian Cricket Tour to Sri Lanka 1999 was the definition of saving money. Arriving at 11pm, we walked 15 mins to the public bus station from where, after waiting for the bus to slowly fill and for about A$0.30c, we travelled an hour to Fort Railway Station, Colombo arriving at 2am. A 10mins walk took us to the dynamic  Sri Lanka Ex-Serviceman's Institute where a security officer eventually awoke, let us in, and directed us to an empty 20-bed dorm.

For the first time in 4 years of cricket travel, we were given a bed before money was taken; the guard not authorised to take cash or he just wanted to get back to sleep ASAP.

If memory serves, this was A$4 per night; perfect for budget-minded cricket souls. Over the years, we rotated between staying here and the Colombo YMCA next door, which was cleaner, had private rooms, and was thus more expensive. It came down to availability or whose security guard would open the door sooner. Either way there was, and perhaps still is, no cheaper place in Colombo.

We weren't the only ones keen to save a few rupees because going to sleep as the only people in the room, we woke to find the dormitory full. Thinking of this, a 20-bed dorm would have been perfect for our 'formative tours' in the early 2000s. At the time one doubted evolution, but reflecting on this more than 20 years later, I can't imagine staying at either. I guess one softens with age.

Still, we have not forgotten that people travel on different budgets. We now stay at hotels well above the quality and price of the Ex-Serviceman's Institute and Colombo YMCA but we respect that you may want to save money in Sri Lanka by not staying in our swish hotels when all you want is just to go to the cricket.

If you prefer to maintain your budget by luxuriating at the YMCA or upkeep your loyalty programme by camping at a different hotel and still join us at the cricket, then our Match Ticket & Dinner Tour is for you. This affordable option includes:

  • Dinner Party The Night Before The Test
    • Alcohol Included
  • Match Tickets To All 5-Days Of The Test
  • Bent Banani Floral Shirt Per Test
  • Lonely Planet Travel Guide To Sri Lanka
  • Dinner Party On The Night Of Day 5
    • Alcohol Included

  • ODI's Are Match Tickets & Dinner Only
    • Alcohol Included

This simple tour allows you to lob into Sri Lanka without worrying about where to get your match tickets, and enjoy a few weeks at the game and in the tea country with awesome people.

Many of those awesome people you will meet in Sri Lanka have toured since 1995 and keep joining our Australian Cricket Tours because they know what a great time they will have. Not only with 'regulars' for which a cricket tour is an annual 'catch up' for many but the dozens of newbies that join us each tour.

All you need to do is turn up for the dinner party, grab your floral shirts and match tickets, and join us at the game the next day. Easy!

Importantly, if you're not booking any Australian Cricket Tour To Sri Lanka 2022, please do not ask us to buy match tickets for you!

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