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Australian Cricket Tour To Sri Lanka 2025

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Australian Cricket Tour To Sri Lanka 2025

At Australian Cricket Tours, we're excitedly preparing tour packages for our Sri Lanka Cricket Tour 2025, allowing passionate Australian fans to experience the thrill of watching their team take on Sri Lanka in their beautiful cricket venues, with add-on tours to special parts of the country.


  • Sea-Tea-Sea Jan 19-27 (TBC)
  • 1st Test Jan 27-Feb 4 (TBC)
  • 2nd Test Feb 4-12 (TBC)
  • Journey To Jaffna Feb 12-17 (TBC)

Matches: 2 Tests
Played From: Galle | Colombo | Kandy
When: Jan 19 - Feb 17, 2025
2 Test Tour: 16 Nights (TBC)
2 Test Tour Twin PP* From: A$5200
2 Test Tour Single PP* From: A$7300
**Yes, 1 Test Tours Will Be Available**
Book: Without Obligation For A$1
Visit: SO Sri Lanka

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*Pricing is land only, based on 2022 match ticket prices, and 1 test in Galle.

We love touring the ever-beautiful Sri Lanka more than any other nation.

Since our first Australian Cricket Tour To Sri Lanka 1999, we've favoured this tranquil land for being close to home, the ease of only flying into Colombo, cost of living, convenience of all test cricket grounds being only 2-5 hours drive from each other, and those being 3 of the nicest (with New Zealand) to watch cricket.

Let's not forget the stunning beaches, lush hills & tea plantations, dynamic Colombo, famed national parks, an unspoiled Northern Province, vibrant east coast, soothing Buddhist religion, health & well-being, culinary wizadry, unique golf courses, flash hotels, heritage homes, beach resorts, forest retreats, and wonderful people across a land smaller than Tasmania.

Your 2* Test Tour Includes (TBC):

  • Meet, Greet, & Arrival Transfer
  • 8 Nights 4 Star For Galle Test
  • 8 Nights 4 Star Colombo or Kandy
  • Full Breakfast Buffet Daily
  • 2 Pre-Test Dinner Parties
  • 2 Post-Test Dinner Parties
  • Match Tickets To All 5-Days*
  • Match Day Transfers If Required
  • All Domestic Travel & Transfers
  • Cool Sri Lanka 2025 Apparel
  • Optional Day Trips
  • Return Airport Transfers
  • Our 30 Years Tour Experience

  • *Yes, you can do ONE TEST ONLY

*Match tickets looking straight down the wicket do not exist in Sri Lanka, except with hospitality in Kandy. There is no reserved seating in Sri Lanka.

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Hikka-Tranz By Cinnamon Beach Resort | Cinnamon Hotels | Hikkaduwa | Sri Lanka | Australian Cricket Tours

Sri Lanka is breathtaking no matter what the 'disturbance'.

Throughout the civil war, the Australian Cricket Team toured (except '96) Sri Lanka without hindrance or harry, and so have we.

Visiting twice before the Australian Cricket Tour to Sri Lanka 2022, to show Sri Lanka was OK to visit amidst the social and political unrest, it was still impossible to convince everyone that there was no threat.

Those that didn't tour in 2022 missed out, and the 50 that did tour agree.

None of the troubles plaguing global media affected tourists in Sri Lanka... except the prices; everything cost less than half of what it should, making an always cheap tour, cheaper. We couldn't spend enough; benefits of a collapsed economy that is back on the rise.

Australian Cricket Tourists On The Pitch Of Galle International Cricket Stadium After The Australian Cricket Tour To Sri Lanka 2022 | Galle | Sri Lanka | Australian Cricket Tours

Australia Tour Of Sri Lanka 2025

If you baulked in 2022 and wish you hadn't, we're back in our beloved idyll in Jan-Feb 2025 for two test matches.

In 2022 we had 17 nights at our beach resort as both tests were played in Galle, with 4-days between tests. We have fingers crossed for one test in Galle and one in Colombo in 2025, but who can say we won't play two in Galle again?

Traditional Sri Lankan Face Mask Painted On A Wall Outside Kandy | Sri Lanka | Australian Cricket Tours

The big difference in 2025 will be cost & availability, especially in Galle. February is the high season and with seemingly more Russians in Sri Lanka than in Moscow, camped up for months, hotel prices are double what we paid in 2022.

In April 2024 our hotels for a Galle test have little to no availabilty in Feb 2025. Thus, we must be ready and so too you as numbers will be limited.

Sri Lanka's Longest River, The Mahaweli Ganga, Wends Past Cinnamon Citadel Hotel | Cinnamon Hotels | Kandy | Sri Lanka | Australian Cricket Tours

Visiting after our Australian Cricket Tour to India 2023, we politely asked Sri Lanka Cricket for 3 tests, stating the economic benefits of spending another 8 nights in the country, but that has proven to fall on deaf ears.

Pallekele Intl. Cricket Stadium (Kandy) is a nicer test cricket ground than the Singhalese Sports Club (Colombo), but Sri Lanka's capital has more to do than the capital of the Kandyan Kingdom. You arrive & leave from Colombo, so having 1 test there will be much more convenient.

Lotus Tower Colombo | Sri Lanka | Australian Cricket Tours

As a venue that no longer hosts white-ball, we'd be surprised and disappointed if we did not play in Galle. Playing two tests in Galle in 2022 could however bring Sri Lanka Cricket to host the Australian Test Cricket Tour to Sri Lanka 2025 in Colombo and Kandy.

We'd prefer not to play in Kandy to put more emphasis on our Sea-Tea-Sea Road Trip across the lush hill country.

Always looking for different things to do, after our Four Points Road Trip 2022, driving a near straight line through Sri Lanka from Colombo to Arugam Bay is our next unique adventure.

Beautiful Arugam Bay Seen Through The Trees | Sri Lanka | Australian Cricket Tours

After 2 nights in Colombo we go into the glorious hills for 2 nights in Nuwara Eliya and 2 nights in Ella before rolling down for 2 nights in Arugam Bay.

From there we go to Colombo, Galle, or Kandy for the 1st Test for 8 nights. We then get you to the 2nd test for 8 more nights before getting you back to the airport if not on our Journey To Jaffna.

The Jaffna Cricket Ground, Clock Tower And Parliament | Jaffna City | Northern Province | Sri Lanka | Australian Cricket Tours

We go to back Jaffna to explore what we missed in 2022, especially outlying islands. Crossing the Indian Ocean at Elephant Pass, you're in vastly different Sri Lanka. Our eye-opening 2 nights in 2022 is why we have 4 nights in 2025.

Leaving Jaffna, we return to the beach resort mecca of Negombo north of Colombo's Bandaranaike Airport, for one more night (if need be) to meet your departing flight.

Elephant Pass Railway Station | Northern Province | Jaffna | Sri Lanka | Australian Cricket Tours

Sri Lanka vs Australia 2025

Our full Australian Cricket Tour to Sri Lanka 2025 will be 29* nights, but you are welcome to come for as few as 8 for just one test if that's all you can.

*29 nights fits your 30 days tourist visa

With many expected to tour, including those that missed 2022, we can only welcome 60 on our hotel tours. This is first in, first served, literally.

In the best stand in Galle International Cricket Stadium, put your hand up and the barkeep will bring ice-cold Lion Lager and hot lunch to your seat (in exchange for rupees!). The 'best seats in the house' are included in our Galle hotel tour only.


Australian Cricket fans should keep a close eye on the anticipated Sri Lanka Cricket Fixtures 2025, as Australian Cricket Tours prepares unforgettable tour packages to see the Australian men's team take on the Sri Lankan Lions on their home soil.

If you want to enjoy the Australian Cricket Tour to Sri Lanka 2025, we invite you to book your place now.

If you've questions about our Australian Cricket Tour to Sri Lanka 2025 please ask!

The Sri Lanka national cricket team vs Australian men's cricket team timeline, chronicles the longstanding rivalry between the two nations, spanning decades of intense matches and memorable clashes on the cricket field.

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