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Cricket In Ahmedabad

Textile Seller At Law Gardens Night Markets | Ahmedabad | India | Australian Cricket Tours

Australian Cricket Tour To India 2023

Tour: 56 Ahmedabad
When: March 07 - 15, 2023 - 8 Nights
Hotel: Radisson Blu
Venue: 10km From Hotel
Per Person*: Twin A$2000 | Single A$3000
Book: Here Or Bottom Of Page
Visit: Gujarat Tourism

*Supplementary Payment: Should the official tour schedule change, we may be subject to cancellation fees and higher pricing by our suppliers, which we may not be able to absorb. If so, we must pass this cost on to you. If the schedule changes, cancellation fees still apply. We hate to impose the above, but this is India, sorry.

Australian Cricket In Ahmedabad

Tour Includes:

  • 8 Nights 5-Star Hotel
  • Airport Transfers
  • Breakfast Daily
  • Two Dinner Parties (BYO)
  • Match Tickets (5 Days)
  • Match Day Transfers
  • Awesome Apparel
  • Our Tour Information
  • Our Services
Nowhere in India will find a city so socially divided by a river than Ahmedabad. Our visit in October 2022 to the capital of Gujarat, brought awe and delight not felt in India for a long time.

On the west of the mighty Sabarmati River, paved footpaths, cleaniless, orderly roads, big hotels, shopping malls, designer stores, trees, green, and calmness provide an unique, hassle-free charm; perhaps why Mahatma Gandhi put his Ashram on this side. Even street food vendors have a queuing system. Cross the river, and you are in our lovable India; mayhem and madness.


Grains And Nut Seller | Ahmedabad | India | Australian Cricket Tours

Exit Gandhi Bridge, and you're dealt an entirely different world. Streets markets selling 2nd hand tosh, engine repair shops, carpenters, electricians, elephants, plumbers, steelworks, ironmongers, butchers, bakers, barbers, and so much more.


Elephant Transport | Ahmedabad | India | Australian Cricket Tours


The big one is Riverfront Market as you exit the incredible Atal pedestrian bridge, which in itself is worth the entry. You pay to cross but the same ticket covers the impressive Riverfront Flower Park.


Go to Riverfront Market with eyes wide shut. It is astonishing. Otherwise, wend the old town maelstrom for sights unseen. Even the knife sharpening bazaar or bicycle repair bazaar in the quiet streets leaves you gaping in wonder. You can have a full day lost in the atmosphere and not once care where you were.
Atal Bridge Over Sabarmati River | Ahmedabad | India | Australian Cricket Tours


Walking one frenetic road to large squares, wide streets, and narrow lanes, past cows, undertakers, sparkling metro stations, laundries, sweet sellers, spice markets, omelettes, fresh juice, the queen's tomb, jewellery and bling, and area around Bhadra Fort is unbridled enthusiasm for thousands. There were so many people on this day I asked a fellow if it was a public holiday. "No, it is like this every day!"


If you are uncomfy in crowded areas, the narrow streets of the old town are not for you. Sticking to the main roads that cross the river will still deliver the amazement with a lot more breathing space. Speaking of, Lokmanya Tilak Victoria Park just before Swami Vivekanand (Ellis) Bridge is lush green and quiet respite from the madness before walking home across the bridge.


Ahmedabad Electrician Shop | India | Australian Cricket Tours


When we tour Ahmedabad, we will stay west of the river where our hotel provides everything you need apres-play with Law Gardens nightly kalaidescope of colour and flavours around the corner. Seemingly half of Ahmedabad comes here to shop, socialise, and eat with food vans and al fresco dining areas lined up selling local cuisine to pizzas, lassis to lattes. Sadly, no Kingfisher as Gujarat is a dry state!


Getting alcohol is possible from a handful of 'wine-shops' available for foreigners. It is illegal to import alcohol though we feel confident if you bring your favoured tipple, you will not be questioned. We weren't in October. We have sourced the wine-shop, and will endeavour to get the paperwork done before we arrive.


Law Gardens Night Market Happy Street | Ahmedabad | India | Australian Cricket Tours


And before you arrive, we will also have sourced transfers to the game each day at the world's largest cricket stadium, Narendra Modi Stadium. Hope the schedule lets you to tick the box on the world's highest (Dharamsala) and largest test cricket grounds. That would be unique!!


When you arrive in Ahmedabad transfers from the airport will be included for our 8 nights, along with breakfast. There is alcohol purchase limits so when we play in Ahmedabad, we will have a two BYO dinner parties, rather than drinks parties.


Adalaj Stepwell | Ahmedabad | India | Australian Cricket Tours


There aren't nightly happenings that we are used to when following cricket, yet after our visit in October 2022 (our first to Ahmedabad since 2007), we had fingers crossed to play in Ahmedabad, such is the separation of this city from others in India. We want to share our enthusiasm of the vibrancy, colours, tastes, and sights of the city, along with the soothing element of Gandhi's Ashram, Adalaj Stepwell, and the miles-long Riverfront walking and running path.


Nardendra Modi International Cricket Stadium | Motera | Ahmedabad | India | Australian Cricket Tours


We have long had fingers crossed for NOT playing in Ahmedabad, purely because it was a dry state. You don't have to drink but alcohol provides a broader spectrum of entertainment options, including festivals, live music venues, nightclubs (if inclined), or a quiet intake by a pool. That said, we can't wait to share this big city with you, and cricket in the game's largest and 56th Test Cricket venue.


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