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Ashes Test Cricket Tour To England 2023


It will not be known until 2022 if we will host an Australian Ashes Test Cricket Tour To England in 2023. The number of 'Official Licenced Tour Operators' is limited, and changes with each Ashes Series. Travelling since 1995 to every Australian Cricket Tour is no guarantee we will host a 2023 Ashes Cricket Tour but we will put our hand up, and be prepared for our simplest of cricket tours.

Australian Cricket Tours - Luke Gillian With The Great Australian Captain Steve Waugh After The Ashes Match At Old Trafford, Manchester, During The Ashes Test Cricket Series 2019 | London | England

We'd love you to join us in the world's most boisterous, funny, risque, musical, and subdued cricket grounds, where we have been enjoying (mostly) Ashes Cricket since 1997. From the 'jolly-good-show-old-boy' historic Lord's, to the middle-ear rupturing endless singing at Edgbaston, the relentess one-eyed Lancastrians of Old Trafford, the humourous lambasting of Headingley, to the 'fight-to-the-last-breath' proud Oval, where 'English Cricket died on August 29, 1882', after which bore cricket's most treasured trophy, The Ashes.

 Australian Cricket Tours - English Cricket Obituary That Appeared In The Newspaper The Day After The Oval Test Match Between Australia And England On August 29, 1882 | London | England

Although we may ultimately include warm-up games, our focus is the 5 Ashes Test Matches at which we will spend six nights per Test. Each Test Tour will include hotel with breakfast, match tickets, apparel, and one dinner party. That is all. This simplicity doesn't mean we won't create choices of more detailed tours, including warm-up games, once we know we are hosting a tour.

For the first time since 2001, five venues from the previous Ashes Series will be hosting the next Ashes Series. In 2019 we played Edgbaston, Old Trafford, Lord's, Headingley, and The Oval, and will again in 2023. As such, we already know where we will have a great time together.

Australian Cricket Tours - Dark Skies At The Home Of Cricket, Lord's, During The Ashes Test Cricket Series 2019 | London | England 


Unlike our Australian Cricket Tours to South Africa, West Indies, or Sub-Continent that often include airport transfers, day trips, activities, or visits to other cities, Ashes Cricket Tours are created to provide the much-sought match tickets. Licenced Official Ashes Tour Operators buy an allocation of match tickets and hotels, which are then packaged to create your Ashes Cricket Tour.

We do not pretend that our Ashes Cricket Tour will have the cultural influence and adventure that we include and experience on other tours. People join an Ashes Cricket Tour to England to see Ashes Test Match Cricket, not the coal-mining museum or vestiges of British fishing, though preferred sightseeing before and after each Test is up to you!

Australian Cricket Tours - Canal At Little Venice Near Lord's Cricket Ground During The Ashes Test Cricket Series 2019 | London | England

England has welcomed (most) visitors for centuries and does not require the same 'safety in numbers' that many, including us, want in other cricket cities and nations. With so much to see and do away from the game, and with 3 - 10 days between Tests, many travel options will allow you to easily visit friends or family, Edinburgh or Estonia before the next Test.

In Ashes Tours past, some have driven to Land's End or John O' Groats. Many railed to Scotland, sailed to Ireland, or planed to Portugal. Direct flights from all Test cities take you anywhere in Europe and we encourage you to milk that travel opportunity.

Australian Cricket Tours - After Play Drinks With Great People Including Our Dearly Missed Friend Bernie Moynahan, During The Ashes Test Cricket Series 2019 | London | England 

As basic as our Ashes Cricket Tour to England will be, and as independent as your time with us will be, we will still include our near 30 years cricket touring experience to support you as required and provide any travel information and advice you may need.

To prepare for an Official Ashes Cricket Tour from Australia, expect to pay per person A$3000 per test match in Birmingham, Leeds, and Manchester, and $4000 for Lord's & Oval. Travel and living expenses extra. Prices are subject to foreign exchange, hotels and match ticket prices at the time. In 2019, match tickets at Lord's were £155 (A$280) per Days 1 - 4, so expect £200 (A$360) per Days 1 - 4, in 2023.

  • Pricing based on previous Official Ashes Cricket Tours to England, not us

 Australian Cricket Tours - An Australian Cricket Helmet, And Grey Nicholls Cricket Bat, On The Nursery Ground At Lord's Cricket Ground Before The Ashes Test Cricket Match 2019 | London | England 

Ashes Cricket in Birmingham

The English crowd at Edgbaston are referred to by the England Cricket Team as the '13th man' thanks to their vocal presence, spurring England to success or almost. We love Edgbaston for the game's colour, excitement, and vibrancy, and where you may see more French maids, Cardinals, and Vikings than support staff. Whatever the result, you won't be disappointed with Edgbaston's atmosphere or famous Broad St, around the corner from our canal-side hotel on cool Brindleyplace (TBC).

   Australian Cricket Tours - Regency Wharf | Birmingham

Ashes Cricket At Lord's

The Home Of Cricket is high on almost everyone's list of cricket grounds to watch a match and most certainly an Ashes Test Match at Lord's sits at the top. Incomparable for cricket history and heroics, you don't need to see a match to feel and absorb the difference of watching cricket here. If you are in London for the 5th Test at The Oval, do a Lord's Cricket Ground Tour for a detailed experience through the hallowed ground, where we will host our largest (though limited) number of awesome people. Our hotel will be in North / West London with easy public transport options to Lord's, dozens of dining & drinking options, and London's primary attractions such as Theatreland, galleries, gardens, palaces & parks.

 Australian Cricket Tours - Luke Gillian Included In The Australia Team Photograph In Front Of The Pavilion, Whilst Celebrating 200 Australian Test Matches At Lord's Cricket Ground During The Ashes Test Cricket Series 2019 | London 

Ashes Cricket In Leeds

Our favourite venue for watching cricket in England has one of our least favourite Ashes moments. Australia had the chance to 'win the Ashes' in 2019 yet failed to snare England's 10th wicket, a 76 run partnership getting England over the line; after Australia rolled England for 67 in the first inning. Filled with great northern passion and a parade of awesome costumes on 'dress-up day', Headingley is nothing short of a fun ground to watch cricket, before hitting The Original Oak, just up the road if not racing (walking) home to hang out on frenetic Boar Lane

 Australian Cricket Tours - A Striking Shopping Arcade In Leeds During The Ashes Test Cricket Series 2019 | Leeds | England 

Ashes Cricket In Manchester

The most parochial crowds in England, a test match at Old Trafford will sort you out; hardened Mancunians never letting you forget that you are the visitor. All in good stride though, and that which continues after play along Deansgate, in the old pubs of Cheapside, or along the canals that wend Manchester city centre. Old Trafford is easily reached by tram that stops outside the ground just 20mins from the city. A 40mins stroll is a much better way to walk off the famous Mancunian pies from the night before, if not avoiding the gridlock around the ground if you take a taxi... and why match-day transfers are not included in any tour.

 Australian Cricket Tours - The Old Trafford Crowds During The Ashes Test Cricket Series 2019 | Manchester | England 

Ashes Cricket At The Oval

Welcome back to London. The all-important 5th Test at The Oval has decided many Ashes Series so you'd be mad to miss it. Though many do all 5 Test Matches with us, if this is your only Test Match, we hope the series will be alive or Australia is chasing a record 5-0 win! The Oval is just south of the River Thames, close to Tower BridgeTower of London, and our hotel in the heart of 'the city'. If you have never been to London, popular attractions and little known curiosities are close to our hotel if you have the sightseeing time during this final week of nail-biting Test Cricket that we'd love to enjoy with you.

Australian Cricket Tours - The Famous Gasometers Behind The Kia Oval During The Ashes Test Cricket Series 2019 | London | England  

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