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Fading Faisalabad

Fading Faisalabad: 
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Australian Cricket In Faisalabad

Pakistan's 4th largest city with 2.5million souls, Faisalabad is 100km east of Lahore. The city is at the leading edge of the agriculture and textile industries, and definitely not tourism. It is unlikely Australia will play cricket here as Iqbal Cricket Stadium is beyond its age, but we go where we are told. It is close enough to commute from Lahore for one day, but perhaps too far to do it for 5 days.

Faisalabad has few hotels (Serena Hotel is the only hotel of repute), few decent places to eat, and aside from looking at the Faisalabad Clocktower a few times you are stuck for amusement so commuting from Lahore would indeed help pass the time!

The most notable attraction to Faisalabad is under your feet; the city centre a map of the British Union Flag. Paying homage to the colonial upbringing, all roads lead to the famed clocktower. A unique bazaar fills each of the flag's 8 triangles.

Australia doesn't have an admired cricket history in Faisalabad but knowing we've only one Test win in Pakistan since 1959, there's not much to admire about Australia's cricket history in Pakistan at all. We, therefore, cheer loudly to improve our winning ways in Pakistan, just hopefully not here.

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