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Sailors Corner Mumbai

Australian Cricket Tours - Sailor's Corner Tailor Shop | Mumbai Naval Dockyard | Mumbai | India

Postcard #2
Feb 15, 2001
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This tiny tailor shop is halfway between Colaba Causeway and Victoria Terminus (Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST)), Mumbai and only minutes from Hotel Lawrence, where Mark 'Buffy' Smith and I were living. There is nothing spectacularly interesting about this tailor shop, as such industries are plentiful in India and as proven with this store, Indians have the ability to make even a hole in the wall financially viable! 

What made this shop particularly captivating is that from the direction we were walking, the awning on the left obscured the first letter so all you could read was ‘..ailors Corner’. On seeing the two machinists working feverishly under the sign, I said to Mark, and who agreed, "This must be Tailors Corner!"

As we got closer, we laughed loud when seeing the obscured ‘S’.

That in itself is not funny, but these tailors working in a little shop opposite Mumbai Naval Dockyard is was what we found tickling! You can't take anything at face-value in India, even if at first it makes perfect sense!

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