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Journey To Jaffna

Jaffna Clock Tower, Cricket Ground, And Parliament Seen From Jetwing Jaffna Hotel | Jaffna | Sri Lanka | Australian Cricket Tours

Australian Cricket Tour To Sri Lanka 2025 | Journey To Jaffna


  • Sea-Tea-Sea Jan 19-27 (TBC)
  • 1st Test Jan 27-Feb 4 (TBC)
  • 2nd Test Feb 4-12 (TBC)
  • Journey To Jaffna Feb 12-17 (TBC)

Tour: Journey To Jaffna
When: Feb 12 - 17 (TBC)
Spend: Jetwing Jaffna (4nts)
End: Regal Reseau Hotel & Spa (1nt)
Twin | Double*: A$2200pp (TBC)
Single Room*: A$2900pp (TBC)
Book: Without Obligation For A$1
Visit: SO Sri Lanka

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*Pricing is land only

Journey To Jaffna

We always look for different things to do on every Australian Cricket Tour. Starting our Australian Cricket Tour to Sri Lanka 2025 with our Sea-Tea-Sea Road Trip from Colombo to Arugam Bay, we end with a 5* night journey to the very-unique Jaffna.

*If the 2nd Test is played in Galle, we may leave the day after that test and add an extra night in Kalpitiya as it is simply too far to travel in one day.

Your Journey To Jaffna Includes:

  • Travel After The 2nd Test
  • 5 Nights Hotel
  • Breakfast Daily
  • Dinner Nightly
  • All Entrance Fees
  • Ferry Rides As Required
  • Sightseeing Jaffna Peninsula
  • Sri Lanka Tourism Accredited Guide
  • Transfer To Airport From Negombo

*We no longer offer twin-share unless you book to share a room with someone you know. If you are travelling alone, you must book SINGLE or phone a friend.

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Fishing Boat On Its Side At Pudawaikkattu New Bridge | Pudawaikkattu | Sri Lanka

Two nights in Jaffna on our Four Points Road Trip 2022 was enough to know we wanted more time in this grand region, city, and people completely detached from the unrest plaguing the rest of Sri Lanka in 2022.

After crossing the Indian Ocean at Elephant Pass, the gateway to the north, we entered an entirely different world. When the rest of Sri Lanka was bereft of life due to shortages of fuel & essentials, Jaffna District was filled with vibrancy.

Elephant Pass Railway Station | Northern Province | Sri Lanka | Australian Cricket Tours

Auto-rickshaws, cars, trucks, motorbikes, and buses travelled the streets of the city bustling with people, going about their business as if nothing was wrong. There was a very relaxed and cool vibe.

Fishing Boats In Jaffna Marina | Jaffna City | Northern Province | Sri Lanka | Australian Cricket Tours

It wasn't wholly immune to the crisis with the fishing industry aground, and boats unable to ferry to the islands. So, much of our time in 2025 will be spent visting sights offshore, which we couldn't in 2022.

Royal Viceroy Train At Kandy Railway Station | Sri Lanka Railways | Sri Lanka | Australian Cricket Tours

Taking the train is preferred, but until we can confirm availability we'll drive after the 2nd Test, stopping at Elephant Pass Railway Station, Gamini Kularatne Memorial, and War Memorial just one hour shy of Jaffna city.

Gamini Kularatne Memorial | Elephant Pass Railway Station | Northern Province | Sri Lanka | Australian Cricket Tours

It's a long day, made much easier by train, but reaching Jaffna in one hit will let us see more of the things we missed and things we did see in 2022.

Catholic Cemetery Near Jaffna | Northern Province | Sri Lanka | Australian Cricket Tours

The far north is a raw coast, lined with seemingly more catholic churches than Rome. Just a few hundred metres apart, church after chapel after stations and cemeteries line the peninsula to Pedro Point; the northern-most point of Sri Lanka. We will tick the box on this again as you can't go this far and not look north to India.

Northern-Most Point Of Sri Lanka | Pedro Point | Jaffna | Northern Province | Sri Lanka | Australian Cricket Tours

Visiting Pedro Point is as significant as visiting the islands that make Jaffna District such as Punkudutivu, Kayts, and Delft; the latter only reached by boat. In 2022, bridges to Punkudutivu & Kayts were closed, leaving only the bridge to Karainagar. All being better, we will get further in 2025 to see more of Jaffna.

North Coast Of Sri Lanka Near Pedro Point | Northern Province | Sri Lanka | Australian Cricket Tours

Jaffna's primary attraction is Jaffna Fort, a legacy of Portuguese occupation, best seen on your own city walk. A walk that should include the Jaffna Clocktower, marina, library, St Mary's Cathedral, St James' Church, and street markets.

St James' Catholic Church | Jaffna | Northern Province | Sri Lanka | Australian Cricket Tours

We will take you to Nallur Kandaswamy Hindu Temple, ruins of King Sangiliyan's Residence, King's statue, and Nilavarai water-well, which never dries up.

We'd love to cruise the island that is Jaffna District, watered by Palk Bay, Palk Straight, Bay of Bengal and the tiniest body of Indian Ocean. It may be too big, but we are working on this and more to make this adventure special.

Nallur Kundaswamy Hindu Temple | Jaffna | Northern Province | Sri Lanka | Australian Cricket Tours

Jaffna has a world of awesome things to see, foods to eat, history to absorb, and places to feel. We already feel 4 nights may not be enough.

We hate rushing, but not everyone has time to lazily travel Sri Lanka, especially after 16 nights for two test matches, and a Sea-Tea-Sea Road Trip.

Fishing Boat On The Back Of A Truck On The Way To Jaffna | Northern Province | Sri Lanka | Australian Cricket Tours

We will see a lot in 3 full days in this eye-opening region, before having 1 night in Kalpitya (western-most point of the mainland) and 1 night in Negombo, to refresh before your departing flight.

Regal Reseau Hotel And Spa Rooftop Swimming Pool And Bar | Negombo | Katunayake International Airport | Colombo | Sri Lanka | Australian Cricket Tours

We may go straight to Negombo, but we'll confirm everything well-before this awesome Journey To Jaffna that will include all travel, hotels, breakfast, dinner, and sightseeing.

If you've questions about our Australian Cricket Tour to Sri Lanka 2025 please ask!

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