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Wonderland Dhaka

Australian Cricket Tours - Mickey Mouse Looking On As A Bangladeshi Video Clip Is Being Produced

Many may doubt there is a 'Wonderland' in Dhaka, but when on any Australian Cricket Tour we seek attractions both usual and unusual so Peter, Melinda, and I visited this tacky adventure playland. It was not for the slower than walking dodgem cars but specifically to see the aircraft that crashed at Dhaka Airport the previous year and which was now in the park and converted into a restaurant (below)!

While discovering this culinary haven, a piercing wail sounded across the park. Following this hurtful chorus, we happened across Bangladesh's most prominent female actor filming a video clip for her upcoming movie. This production was the funniest thing we saw; a procession of choreographers, directors, managers, make-up attendants, and mobile phones contributing to the filming's painstaking longevity.

If you've heard Indian Bollywood songs, the high pitched shrill of female singers is disturbing for many not used to the musical style. Listening to the tune over and over and over while watching a video production in a Disneyland themed play park was uncomfortable if not for the joyous reaction of the onlooking Mickey Mouse! He loved it, and so too did we!! As an escape from the maelstrom of Dhaka, the park was well worth Aud$1 entrance before being demolished the following year.

Australian Cricket Tours - A Crashed Aircraft Being Converted To A Restaurant At A Bangladeshi Theme Park In Dhaka

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