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Ashes Cricket Test Match Tickets


Booking an Official Ashes Tour to England is the easiest way to guarantee match tickets for what could be your only opportunity to experience this popular cricket series. Whether you book a tour or travel independently, start saving, especially for the Ashes Test Match at the Lord's where match tickets in 2019 were £155+ (A$300) per Days 1 - 4.

Before booking an Official Ashes Cricket Tour, consider this impartial information to independently secure Ashes Test Match Tickets. If you want to trust your luck on the day, match tickets have been available each day by varying means.

The following offers no guarantee that you will get a match ticket, nor do we know that this information that we've learned from every Ashes Cricket Tour to England since 1997 will be relevant in 2023. Practices, habits, demand, and laws change so you decide how you want to proceed.

1 - Apply for ballot-tickets. The best way of winning a ballot ticket is opting for a 'single-seat with a restricted view’. A restricted view could be one narrow pole a few metres in front of you, or the sightscreen hiding a small portion of the outfield.

2 - Apply for a ballot-ticket 'single-seat'. Many opt for multiple seats and miss out because most ballot requests are for multiple seats. If you are travelling with others, there are often empty seats scattered about where you may be able to convene during the game.

Visit The Cricket Ground For Match Ticket Info:

3 - Failing in the ballot, go to the ground before the game and knock on the door of the ticket or venue office. You'd be surprised what they have in the desk. You may also find people at the ground selling unwanted tickets. People apply for multiple tickets with the view of going with others but on the day learn they have no friends.

4 - Lord’s hold match tickets to sell each morning for that day's play (get in the queue early!). Along with ballot-tickets that people returned (after realising they have no friends), there could be 150+ tickets available each day.

5 - Stand at the entrance gates and hold a sign asking for a ticket. There are often people with spare tickets that can help. Ticket-touts do not operate at the entrance gates. Honesty is a big thing and it's an idea to hand over cash inside the ground to avoid over-zealous police putting the kibosh or your day at the game. Simply put, do not 'promote' your cash transaction in the street, as legal as it is to sell tickets at or below face-value.

6 - Ticket-touts* are everywhere and only sell tickets at face value. It is illegal to sell above face-value and with plain-clothed police also trying to buy, touts don’t risk selling to a copper. A good option is to wait until the game has started. The more overs that have been bowled the price goes down and touts will take anything to save going home with unsold tickets.

*This is not an endorsement of their 'cockney villainy' but they do create an option to get in.

7 - Tour Operators may have 'un-sold' tickets. Create a welcoming committee for their buses at the ground and collar a tour-host, usually first off. You'd be surprised to know not everyone goes to every day's play so you could possibly buy the tickets of those missing in action. Within the ground, seek out a tour-host and ask if they have any tickets 'for tomorrow'.

8 - Day-by-day hospitality packages include match tickets, food, and drinks. Each venue has its own hospitality options for groups or single seats on large tables.

Visit The Cricket Ground For Hospitality Info:

9 - 3rd party ticket websites

10 - If you want to stand out in the crowd, buy 'Awesome Floral Shirts'  from Bent Banani who has coloured Australian Cricket Tours since 2011.

The above is blanket information based on our attending every Ashes Cricket Series in England since 1997 and offers no guarantee you will get an Ashes Test Match Ticket. Take it or leave it.

Good Luck!