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Getting To & Through England 2023

Australian Cricket Tours - The Muppets' Baclcony Hecklers, Waldorf & Statler Sitting At The Cricket In England


  • Australian Passports Do Not Require A Tourist Visa To Enter The United Kingdom For Stays Up To 180 Days. On Arrival, Australian Passports Can Use E-Gates Where Available
  • From Late 2023, Australian Passports Require An ETIAS Visa (European Travel Information And Authorisation) For Short Stays Up To 90 Days In Any 180 Day Period In The EU Schengen States

If You Need U.K. Visa Or Immigration Information, Contact:


Possibly the easiest country to reach by virtue of the number of airlines that operate to London Heathrow and London Gatwick. When you join our UK Ashes 2023 Cricket Tour, you book & fly on your preferred airline into your preferred city, but we recommend you use Qantas Airways, the Official UK Ashes 2023 Tour Sponsor (it must be said!)

  • No International or domestic travel is included in any Tour
  • Qantas fly daily via Perth and Singapore into London Heathrow
  • Qantas fly daily to India from where partner airlines operate to UK ports

You can fly via the Middle East to 8 UK airports including London's Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stansted, Manchester and Birmingham. Transfer at London Heathrow for British Airways to Manchester. Asian Airlines fly to London Heathrow & Gatwick via their respective hubs. Some also fly to Manchester & Birmingham. Research all options on:


When you don't want to walk to the cricket, as we don't include transfers, there's no easier nation to travel within cities. All you need is a 'paywave' enabled debit or credit card (yes, Australian cards work) to use public transport.

Touch on, on a bus or tram, and touch on AND off on the London Tube, and your fare is calculated and capped daily and weekly in all Test Match cities.

  • You Only Need VISA, MASTERCARD, or AMEX

On our last Ashes Tour, someone stated, '...but you pay international card and exchange fees when using your debit or credit card'. Yes you do. They are the same fees you pay when you change Australian dollars to pound sterling or use your debit or credit card to buy an Oyster Card. That person then said, "I'll get an Oyster Card just in case!". Just in case what???

  • YOU DO NOT NEED AN OYSTER CARD IN LONDON or public transport ticket in any city!
  • You pay the same price with your card as you do using pre-paid cards


Travel through the UK is easy-peasy. Like all past Ashes Cricket Tours, whether you have 3 or 10 days between Tests you have the opportunity to travel the length and breadth of the UK or Europe by train, plane, or coach (bus).

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