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Australia Vs Sri Lanka 2022 Cricket Tour - Itinerary

Australia Vs Sri Lanka 2022 Cricket Tour - Itinerary

The UNCONFIRMED Tour Schedule:
1st T20 | Venue TBC | June 02
2nd T20 | Venue TBC | June 04
3rd T20 | Venue TBC | June 05
1st ODI | Venue TBC | June 08
2nd ODI | Venue TBC | June 10
3rd ODI | Venue TBC | June 13
4th ODI | Venue TBC | June 15
5th ODI | Venue TBC | June 18
Tour Game | Venue TBC | June 22 - 25
1st Test | Venue TBC | June 29 - July 3
2nd Test | Venue TBC | July 7 - 11


An 'Australian Cricket Tour Of Sri Lanka' is always wanted, yet never come often enough. Relax! The long-wait to tour our favourite destination is nearly over as Australian Cricket returns to this amazing tear-drop idyll in June and July for a wealth of short-order games and 2 Tests.

Some time ago, when asking why there will only be 2 test matches, we were told there was not enough room in the schedule to play 3 tests. Sadly, there is room for 8 T20/ODI's, a 4-day warm-up game, and lots of rest days in between, but not a 3rd Test. Bugger. As such, Kandy, Colombo, or Galle will miss out, and we don't want to miss any as they are all outstanding.

Without guarantee, our Australia vs Sri Lanka Test Cricket Itinerary is based on our preference to play one test in the much-admired and desired Galle, and one Test in the home of Sri Lanka Cricket, Colombo. The warm-up game should be in Colombo, as it has been since 1999, no matter where the 1st Test is played.

Although the 1st Test hasn't been played in Colombo since 1992 doesn't mean it won't be in 2022. In today's C19 polluted world, a focus on limited travel could see the 1st Test played in Colombo after the warm-up game.

All this is not your worry for the beauty of Sri Lanka is that you can fly into Colombo so it matters not what the final fixture is. It's like having a test series in Tasmania, and you can only fly into Hobart.

Get yourself to and from Bandaranaike International Airport to start your cricket tour, and we will take care of the rest, including some of our most fond railway journeys, if required.

Our Australian Cricket Tour To Sri Lanka 2022 starts with the 5 ODI's. Though we do not yet know where these we will be played, having been to Sri Lanka 15 times in the last 23 years, we know how to travel to, and where we will stay in, Kandy, Dambulla, Hambantota, Galle, or Colombo. For the sake of diversity, we would be surprised if either of the two test cities host ODI's, but cricket fixtures have been surprising us since 1995 so stay tuned.

Our cool itinerary includes the ODI's, the 4-day warm-up game or 5 nights in the lush hill country, test matches in Galle & Colombo, and a splendid 8 night road-trip through Sri Lanka to Trincomalee on east coast, and Jaffna in the north, after the Test series. This relaxed adventure will take us to the northern-most and western-most points of mainland Sri Lanka. The southern-most point is easily reached with short journey from Galle by bus, rickshaw, or train to Matara.