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The Reverend And Monster

Reverend Tim Hall And Shane 'Monster' Baisden At M.A. Chidambaram Cricket Stadium In 2001 | Chepauk | Chennai | India | Australian Cricket Tours

Reverend Tim Hall & Shane 'Monster' Baisden

This is the Reverend Tim Hall (left) and Shane 'Monster' Baisden.

Turning up announced, Tim enjoyed 3 days of cricket with us in the Essar Stand at M.A. Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai, during the 3rd Test Match of the Australian Cricket Tour To India 2001.

For anyone who has been through the Bradman Gallery at Adelaide Oval, Tim painted the The Don's cover drive. It is Bradman signed and certified!

Thinking Tim, the artist, was here for the cricket, we came to learn that Tim Hall is an Evangelist and on a crusade of Southern India.

The big man set us straight on a few life mysteries and kept us enthused and absorbed by his line of work that also transcends the cricket world. Cheering the boys along, he turned to ask us if he was doing it right.

With the ability to heal the sick, he too has the ability to cheer 'right' for Australia. As does Shane Baisden, the architect behind our (original) website (formerly Waving The Flag).

Shane (affectionately known as Monster) builds websites for many people & business around the globe, and is London based as the IT guru for PP Travel.

In between coding and head-butting monitors, he occasionally following Australian cricket. Building 'Waving The Flag' convinced Monster to join us in Chennai on our Australian Cricket Tour to India 2001.

Thankfully he decided to come as he was a godsend for the site's 'abnormal' operation. Pasting tour reports and postcards doesn't take much effort (as I slowly learned), but they would be a lot harder without Monster keeping on top of the glitches and gremlins disrupting smooth posting.

He does of course 'Wave the Flag' for us too and that is a good thing!

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