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Bradman Is Dead

Australian Cricket Tours - Sir Donald 'Bradman Is Dead' Reads The Newspaper Headlines In Mumbai, India, On The Eve Of The First Test Match Between Australia And India At Wankhede Stadium | India

On Feb 25, the eve of the 1st Test Match in Mumbai 2001 between Australia and India, we woke in India's largest city to the sad news that the great Sir Donald Bradman had passed away. As shocked as we were, Indians seemed even more. It was straight the newsstand to buy the local rags, all pretty much headlined the same, to read the tragic news as 'Buffy' and 'Belly' did here outside Churchgate Station, next to Wankhede Stadium.

Sir Don stunned two nations in passing, but remains present in everyday life. Not only is he an inspiration for many cricketers but his Test Cricket Average, 99.94 (9994), is people's PIN's, included on number plates, email addresses, passwords, the amount of bacteria killed in all cleaning products, and is the post office box number in 'your capital city' for 'Your ABC' (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). 

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