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Pakistan 2022 - Safety & Security

Australian Cricket Tours - Pakistan 2022, Safety & Security

Australian Cricket Tour To Pakistan 2022

Confirmed Tour Schedule:
1st Test | Rawalpindi | March 4 - 8

2nd Test | Karachi | March 12 - 16
3rd Test | Lahore | March 21 - 25
1st ODI | Rawalpindi | March 29
2nd ODI | Rawalpindi | March 31
3rd ODI | Rawalpindi | April 2
T20I | Rawalpindi | April 5

We want you to feel and be as safe as you are at home but let's not pretend you are home. We're going to Pakistan where 'safety in numbers' is a great reason to consider enjoying it with us!

There's often the dilemma of belief between travel agent under-statements and government advisory over-statements. Governments want to protect its citizens, rightly so. Security information is collected from reliable sources in each country so it should be believed. How much to believe is up to you.

If you read Smartraveller you'd think Pakistan is burning and the moment you set foot in the land you will be violated. If there is an inkling of risk to Australian citizens it is DFAT's duty to announce this and discourage travel. The UK was never 'blacklisted' (expression) no matter how many attacks occured yet no Ashes Cricket Tour was ever postponed. Is 'random' in the UK safer than 'random' in Pakistan?

Touring Pakistan will always be your choice no matter how often I happily go and safely return with unneeded carpets. My comfort travelling there now is based on previous visits when the government suggested 'do not go' only to get there and wonder 'why not?'. Importantly, cricket has been cleared to play in Pakistan and Australia is due to tour in 2022. They would not be going if the risk was so great.

Reading travel websites you'd learn that hundreds upon thousands of tourists visit Pakistan each year. Of course, situations do change that cause a late cancellation of a cricket tour. We appreciate that but we won't sit about waiting for a change that may not happen. We're focussed on knowing & sharing all that we can now so you too can be warmly and safely prepared to tour this majestic land.

If you have anxiety about Pakistan, their hospitality will wash that away before you can say 'Khyber Pakhtunkhwa'! There's little Pakistanis won't do for you if it makes your experience even better. They will invite you for dinner, buy you water or snacks at the cricket and be humbled by your visit. Befriending people at the cricket or the greasy spoon will only serve to add a layer of comfort and security.

No matter which new place you go, before you learn the lay of the land, you should always be conscious about where and how you go. If you are travelling alone, there will be plenty of others with us to go with you on errands, sightseeing, or to an ATM, where you should always go in pairs anyway.

This said, we can't protect you from yourself or 'random'. We can only share personal knowledge and experience. Before booking, and before leaving home, read Australia's Dept. of Foreign Affairs & Trade, Smartraveller regarding health, safety, and security in Pakistan and make your own assertions. We are going to Pakistan (again!) and would love you to join us.

That is all. Be Safe!!

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