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Australian Cricket Tours - Mumbai Parking Sign That Reads 'Pap & Park Scheme' | Blog Post | Postcard | India

Pap & Park Scheme

Indian streetlife is filled with colour, noise, and wonderment. Around all corners you see things (like this sign) that make you twist your head like a curious pooch hearing 'His Masters Voice' from the gramophone.
Bradman Is Dead

Bradman Is Dead

The news of Sir Donald Bradman passing on Feb 25, 2001, stunned India on the eve of the 1st Test match between Australia and India in Mumbai. After breakfast, it was straight to the newsstand!
Sailors Corner Mumbai

Sailors Corner Mumbai

There are many facets of India that cause one to chuckle for no more reason than Indians say or display things differently. When on an Australian Cricket Tour To India, keep an open mind and your camera ready!
Australian Cricket Tours - Mark 'Buffy' Smith Hanging Out Of The Taxi Window At Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai

Welcome To Mumbai

Feb 14, 2001, WavingTheFlag.com  went live. Created to present Australian Cricket Tours from our side of the fence, we shared tour reports, diaries, images, and postcards from an incredible cricket world. This was our first postcard!
Australian Cricket Tours - At The National Stadium Karachi Displaying My Australia Flag And 'I Want My Foxtel' Sign, In 1998 | Karachi | Pakistan

I Want My Foxtel

Watching South Africa play in Karachi (28/01/21), celebrating test cricket's return to Pakistan reminds me of the Australian Cricket Tour of Pakistan 1998 and time in Karachi. It was ambush marketing by definition.
Pakistan Ranger At The Border Gate Between Pakistan and India | Wagah | Lahore | Pakistan | Australian Cricket Tours

Border Closing Ceremony

The Pakistan India border closing 'beating retreat' at Wagah/Attari is a ferocious nightly event witnessed by more people than any other military ritual. A 1-hour parade of parochial pride, culminates in the lowering and folding of each nation's flag.
Australian Cricket Tours - A Jingle Bus On The Streets Of Peshawar, Peshawar

Pakistan Jingle Buses

'Jingle Buses' and 'Jingle Trucks' of Pakistan are a sight to behold and delight to hear as they melodically travel the roads of this amazing cricket country. The term comes from the 'Jingle' of steel discs and pendants, that hang underneath, dragging along the roads.
Markets Of Pettah

Markets Of Pettah

Exploring markets in India, Pakistan, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka as we follow cricket around the world is never a bore. One of our favourites is Pettah in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Australian Cricket Tours - A Little Boy Washing Himself In The Laundry, Karachi, Pakistan, 1998

Keeping Clean In Karachi

With the pleasure of watching Australia play Test Cricket in Pakistan, 1998, I also had the pleasure of visiting the world's largest outdoor laundry, where families live, work, and wash.
Australian Cricket Tours - Aggressive Youth Taxi Service, Our Transport To Bourda Oval, Georgetown, Guyana, In 2003

Uber In Guyana 2003

The name says it all about this Georgetown 'public service'. The passion displayed in the business name is exactly what is needed - 'catchy, unique, and memorable'. To young Winston's credit, his is unique!
Australia In Bangladesh

Australia In Bangladesh

On the eve of Australia's Test Cricket Tour to Bangladesh 2020, I found this photo from my first visit to 'Bangers' in 2005. Talking my way into the Shipbreaking Yards of Bhatiari Beach, Chittagong, I found this fellow taking a break.
Rainbow Nation

Rainbow Nation

The South Africa Flag is one the more colourful of world cricket and with each Australia Cricket Tour to South Africa, more and more flags are being waved by their people, as they support their lads on the field.